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  1. This is an old thread but it's the first thread that pops up on the question so I'll update it with the solution. You cannot deploy ground science modules with the construction inventory active which makes sense.. you'd transfer stuff from the ship to your personal inventory and leave the inventory menu open.. You need to close the inventory menu from the right bar. To deploy the ground modules right click the kerbal and deply it through the inventory menu that pops up when you right click the kerbal. It will have a white circle to deploy. DO NOT drag and drop or the item will become non functional and you wont be able to pick it up.
  2. Boo on KIS being required. I hate having 30+ extra parts just so i can connect my buildings together Thumbs down.
  3. Right but does the KAS .90 work for 1.0.2?
  4. I skipped .90 so the last time i played with KAS was in .25. I liked the mod because it was nice and simple. You click on one pipe, click on the next and connect your 2 crafts together. This was perfect for bases. I'm not looking for anything else. Now in 1.0.2 i cant find KAS any more. Theres a lot of mixed info on KIS what it comes with. Some say if you want to run KAS you also need KIS. I'm looking only for the pipes that connect the crafts together, i'm not looking for anything special nor am i looking for a mod with hundreds of parts just so i can get the pipes. Any feedback? Thanks
  5. I'm also having this problem. I7-4790k 16gb ram gtx980 win 7 No mods. The fact that the heat never goes down is a big problem because this breaks a lot of other things like the nuclear engine which is heating up my entire space craft.
  6. Gilly followed by Pol. I like the very bumpy surface.
  7. As much as i like details i dont think the gears on the drill head are really needed. The game is laggy as it is (Running gtx980).
  8. Yes, the graphics are out dated. The graphics on the terrain are about as equal to Counter strike 1.6 which is a 12-13 year old game.
  9. Those arent eyebrows folks, those are eye lashes.
  10. I wish KAS would come stock in 1.0.. at least the fuel line connections. It will be great for the plan of resources.
  11. What will get this community back together is multiplayer.
  12. If they put a 1.0 on it i wouldnt care as long as they keep adding to it and fix bugs. Wait didnt the devs say that there will be multiplayer?
  13. I havent played it yet.. Kethane mod is still down. shame.
  14. The only thing this game has done is make me want it more. I can only dream of the day when i'll be able to get on a space ship and zoom around the solar system.. maybe even the galaxy.
  15. Eye ball the launch, if you end up ahead of it, go in higher orbit, if you end up behind it go in low orbit.
  16. The most annoying thing to the docking ports is reporting a bug and having people question which way the docking ring is facing even after you confirmed that everything is mounted correctly.
  17. There's parts that are not as strong. For example the s3-3600 should not be as strong as the FL-T100. The Cupic octagonal strut should not be as strong as the modular girder segment or the Ibeam. Because of that strenght difference ones should bend easier than others.
  18. Each part should have it's own wobble joint strenght. For example fuel tank to fuel tank should be very strong however other parts that are suppose to be soft should be more flexible.
  19. It was just bad before. Now its little better. The joint is one of the strongest parts.. held by hundreds of bolts. Having them slide around like 2 magnets rubbing against eachother is horrible.
  20. So long you can see the curvature of the planet against it. http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb210/Triple88A/Video%20Games/Kerbal%20Space%20Program/screenshot22_zps3d1f7e1d.jpg' alt='screenshot22_zps3d1f7e1d.jpg'>
  21. I would use it if ksp didnt delete everything. Losing 200k worth of parts every launch because the game decides to keep the 500 credit decoupler but delete all of my nicely designed parts with parachutes and stuff has definitely changed my uses for Asparagus.
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