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  1. Ival70

    Kerbal Train Discussion

    I've found that having more than 5 mk3 cars (including engine, tender, etc) causes too much stress on the couplings. I've also found that suspension plays a big part in rollovers. One trick to get around this is to create a separate chassis underneath the carriages using mk2 parts, which can also be used to lower the center of gravity.
  2. Ival70

    The Probe!

  3. Ival70

    My farewell to Kerbal Space Program

    While I wish Felipe wasn't leaving, I understand his position. Good luck @HarvesteR, and thanks for making Kerbal Space Program! P.S. Please come and visit us once in awhile, and let us know what you end up doing next!
  4. Ival70

    Kerbal Train Discussion

    Hello. Just happened to stumble upon this. I made a train once.. (Overland isn't the only one). Also.. @GregroxMun!
  5. Ival70

    FPS Viewer

    This was always such a handy plugin, unfortunately the download links are broken, any chance of putting it back up?
  6. Oh wow, this thread used to have something like 10 pages before the forums migrated, odd... Glad to see this thread rise from the Moholes at any rate. Anyhow, I think the downloads should be working now. If it still isn't working, I could arrange another way to download it.
  7. Ival70

    Happy birthday Kasper!

    One minute to spare (In my timezone)! Happy Birthday Kasper!
  8. Thank you for filling in those of us who missed the broadcast this week. I have to say, I am perplexed at the downplay of the performance for 1.1. I was previously under the vague impression that there would be a large increase in for CPU's. Edit: Oh yes, how could I forget! +1
  9. Unlike most parts in KSP, which have 2 states of damage (not-broken and completely obliterated) landing legs have 3 states (not-broken, damaged, and completely obliterated). you can repair landing legs (as well as rover wheels) when they are in the damaged state. Now, to keep this thread from going off topic and being closed; I like that .90 is still available for download from the KSP website. It gives new players a chance to try out KSP pre-1.0. I still occasionally boot it up and fly my old outdated crafts.
  10. Ival70

    1.03 Parts List

    1.0.3/1.0.4 was just a small patch for some bugs. If any new parts were added, they sure have hidden them well .
  11. Ival70

    Kerbal History X

    341: The mission control building is shut down due to an overpowering putrid stench. Upon further investigation, a moldy spoiled sandwich is found under a desk. Analyzing the sandwich, it is estimated to be at least 5 years old. Several new species of bacteria and fungus are discovered on it. 342: The mission control building has undergone a thorough cleaning, but it is believed that the smell will never completely go away. A new regulation is passed confining all food to designated areas.
  12. Ival70

    The user below me...

    "Correct!" Oh wait.. That's not word I'm looking for.. what was it.. ..oh yes, now I remember! "Yes." Err, I don't think that was right either.. wait a second, that's it! "Right!" Hmm, now that I think about it, that isn't the word I'm looking for either. Oh well. The user below me wears a wristwatch. I just thought of the word! It was "Nope."
  13. Ival70

    Fun Facts

    Very interesting. Though isn't that like saying Homo-Erectus is still alive because you can see people today? Fun Fact: A ten Gallon hat only holds 0.75 gallons.
  14. I know that he's gone now, but you should still make the Dark Red Group. Just in case..
  15. Ival70

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    1223: There is a booster booster-pack. Your explosions explode.