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  1. I've found that having more than 5 mk3 cars (including engine, tender, etc) causes too much stress on the couplings. I've also found that suspension plays a big part in rollovers. One trick to get around this is to create a separate chassis underneath the carriages using mk2 parts, which can also be used to lower the center of gravity.
  2. While I wish Felipe wasn't leaving, I understand his position. Good luck @HarvesteR, and thanks for making Kerbal Space Program! P.S. Please come and visit us once in awhile, and let us know what you end up doing next!
  3. Hello. Just happened to stumble upon this. I made a train once.. (Overland isn't the only one). Also.. @GregroxMun!
  4. This was always such a handy plugin, unfortunately the download links are broken, any chance of putting it back up?
  5. Hi there,

     Cheers for the follow, I will do the same! I hope today finds you well.


  6. Oh wow, this thread used to have something like 10 pages before the forums migrated, odd... Glad to see this thread rise from the Moholes at any rate. Anyhow, I think the downloads should be working now. If it still isn't working, I could arrange another way to download it.
  7. One minute to spare (In my timezone)! Happy Birthday Kasper!
  8. Thank you for filling in those of us who missed the broadcast this week. I have to say, I am perplexed at the downplay of the performance for 1.1. I was previously under the vague impression that there would be a large increase in for CPU's. Edit: Oh yes, how could I forget! +1
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