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  1. I'm astonished. To be fair I'm astonished that this got an "astonishing" rating, but whatever. I mean, I like it, it's cool, but there are cheaper and more compact ways to do it, that can be fired directly from the station rather than having to get distance first to not fry said station. I do like the use of the mini-SRB, I'd just use that for a larger pod is all.
  2. There is a lot in this update that I am excited about. Not the least of which is the detail of the update. I don't know about everybody, but I really like hearing about the inner workings of the game. Writing out what was an issue with and what the fix was for the thermal code may have taken some valuable dev time, but it made me very happy. Thank you!
  3. Not sure on the new style. Xbox One is sort of exciting, sort of terrifying.
  4. I did not go to space today. I did not even go up. All I went was down. That open crew spot on the far right is where the pilot used to sit. Bye bye ~$180k 60k for the above rocket. 60k to repair the launch pad. 60k for the replacement rocket, which I crashed into Mun and destroyed completely. With three tourists onboard.
  5. XP had C:\documents and settings\[username]\application data. That's where stuff was supposed to go. Many apps didn't do it correctly, though. A properly built program can have multiple installs coexist inside appdata, they just need to be aware of other installs and give themselves their own folder (c:\users\[username]\appdata\KSP1, c:\users\[username]\appdata\KSP2, etc>), or do the same thing inside C:\programdata\. It's all down to the people programming the game doing things correctly, not windows. This has been a windows spec for literally over a decade.
  6. I'm starting to get the idea that the Experimentals team doesn't use heatshields. That's two rather straigthforward, rather critical, bugs involving them that have been missed.
  7. Did I say anything about rocket flipping? No. I talked about re-entering with a basic pod and a heatshield. Like you're supposed to do. Like every* player does early in the game. Put the blame on the experimentals team or on the devs, I don't care which, either way is a rushed release. Be nice if 1.0.3 was rushed a bit and fixed that memory leak. Redo the aero and heat models later, fix the crash causing bug now.
  8. Six weeks. Not three. In a "full release" game after being "extensively tested" by the "awesome experimentals team" that also missed that in 1.0.0 (the full release, mind you) adding a heatshield to your entry level capsule made it a deathtrap.
  9. What I giggle about is how on one they're saying it's super easy to get on PS4 because Unity 4 has PS4 support, and in the same breath talking about moving to Unity 5. Pc going to 5 while Console staying on 4?
  10. This just in: Struts now cost three gems each.
  11. I have to admit that I'm concerned about this, and annoyed about the heat gauge bug/memory leak/crash that is still in the "complete" "full release" version after a literal month and a half. Delightful. What power? It's essentially a 1.6GHz Bulldozer. A five year old laptop has more CPU power for KSP's two threads.
  12. I stay away from hype trains, they are scary beasts. But, I think it may be much to early, even for experienced professionals, to start the train. Excellent, so it'll come out for PS4 once PS5 is out? Brilliant. Update: "LOL HAVE MORE BUGS!"
  13. This explains the sudden "OMG BETA" and "HEY LOOK WE'RE DONE IT'S A COMPLETE GAME NOW" releases. Can't say I'm pleased. At all. Next will be EA sellout Devnotes?
  14. I've had the jiggle when I accidentally clipped goo canisters into things. Especially when they are in a service bay and the doors have closed to clip into the goo. That makes for interesting issues.
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