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  1. Following these instructions for 1.3 leaves me with no IR parts tab. Parts can be accessed searching through tech levels and size, but are only available through advanced parts searches.
  2. This is directly after I decouple the ship from anything, booster/other parts, yes, there is a physics "update" between it being fine and it doing this, which is basically what you're saying. However, hyperediting the "base" version of this into a 100km orbit gives 0 problems. The problem comes when I want to detach it from any other ship, considering it's only purpose is to be a glider and ore processing unit, it renders it pretty much useless. Yes, I have replicated the problem sans hyperediting. In fact, the reason I deleted everything was because not only was this happening,
  3. This is every ship I build now... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Yczh052bfRd3F1ZmdGcWJ1WDQ/view?usp=sharing Exactly the same problems after I gave up on KSP, deleted everything (shift + deleted the folder) and redownloaded. EDIT: I'm not asking for help, I just want there to be a discussion as to why this type of behavior is even happening at this stage of the game.
  4. In previous versions I don't remember having such a terrible experience with the move tool. Even with angle snap off it jumps around constantly, can't put things where I need them and constantly have to redesign AROUND the UI, instead of having the UI serve me properly.
  5. I have a moderately sized ship, carrying a small payload that works perfectly until the cargo is undocked. The camera then begins to shake and the SAS still works for the most part. If a kerbal touches the ship without grabing hold of it it, they are either killed, flung 1.5km away in an instant, or the camera takes on the shaking. Is this a base game KSP probelm? Installed are Camera Tools, Infernal Robotics, KAS (no KAS is being used during the undock) Hullcam, Hyperedit, KOs, Kerbal Engineer, Scansat and Ambient light adjeustment.
  6. Hi, Just a quick nod or comment to let me know if anyone else has had serious trouble getting Kerbcam and/or Camera Tools working since 1.1? If its just me, I can carry on trying to trouble shoot but I'd be gratified to know I'm not alone, and possibly can pool ideas.
  7. KSP has given you a false sense of the usefulness of parachutes. IRL they can't clip through each other, have much more weight per unit of lift they can give and that's without even considering the material science aspects of how much material and tethers you'd need for a rocket that weighs 14 tonnes. Then there's the fact you'd have to do it sideways, because you'd need to distribute that weight along the length as putting it all at the top would require strengthening in a direction opposite to the normal g-forces...
  8. Thank you for the kind words! kOS is probably really good for node execution, I know I saw some code for that sort of thing somewhere.
  9. Wow. Way to promote an OTT idiot internet personality who doesn't need your help. In a week where this: This and this came out.
  10. The landing at the end of this video... 0.4m from centre of launchpad...
  11. I doubt it will be that steep if you have programming experience, even with landings. Unless you're aiming for a spot to an accuracy of a few meters then it can get pretty tricky. I've seen some people on the forums working on collision detection and terrain scanning, and I know one of the demo programs has some slope detection. Transmission delay was something I actually forgot to talk about in the video.
  12. While I don't disagree, and I love the way you've written this, I want to be Neil Armstrong too. I want to be the first Kerbal landing on the Mun. I would never automate something I hadn't flown, and I would never automate something I hadn't done. My point of view is, who wants to be Alan Shepard? How many people even know who Alan Shepard is outside of this forum, where the number is probably higher than usual. If I've done something well, four times, do I really want to do it again a fifth? It loses it's luster about then for me personally. Though that probably has to do with my suspens
  13. Thank you kindly. If you do, start with something a lot simpler than this. It nearly broke me. But you don't explain why? Do you play career? Do you never fly the same thing twice? I find it difficult to understand people who play but don't want some automation, UNLESS they only play sandbox mode. Then it makes sense they don't need automation.
  14. When you say film, I assume you mean short and the problem with people suggesting ideas is, they don't know what you have to work with. How good is your editing? Are you able to do VFX? What props would you be willing to edit in in post-production? Do you have a lot of time to commit to this or not? I made a Star Wars trailer parody. There's about 3 shots of VFX, some post-editing, stuff I modded into the game myself. It took about 60 hours to make for a three minute short. It isn't helpful to think or ask for anything. People won't always suggest what is realistic. Look at
  15. New Shepard has flown and landed twice. According to the wiki, more sophisticated autopilot features will not be part of the main game. How do you feel about automated launches and landings? I show how mods (Kerbal Operating System) can bring the New Shepard style missions to "life" in KSP, but this kind of programming is very difficult (for me at least). How would you implement an autopilot feature if it were up to you?
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