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  1. If there is one thing scientific progress demonstrates, it is that 97% of the world's top scientists can believe in phlogsten and aether and still be dead wrong. [quote name='"http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702303480304579578462813553136"']The "97 percent" figure in the Zimmerman/Doran survey represents the views of only 79 respondents who listed climate science as an area of expertise and said they published more than half of their recent peer-reviewed papers on climate change. Seventy-nine scientists—of the 3,146 who responded to the survey—does not a consensus make.[/QUOTE] Or might not agree at all.
  2. Are people making green jelly smears on the launch pad so often that -1 reputation is going to break the camel's back? I'm seeing starting level contracts with +10 rep to complete. I can turn down nine contracts to find the one I like, unless I burn up my tourists on re-entry. The -1 isn't hard, it just removes exploitation of the decline-and-replace system.
  3. Make sure none of your nose or tail gear are turning opposite your inputs or objects create drag on one side or the other. It is also possible to have uneven lift; if your left side is lifting a little more than the right, it will make the right side drag its wheel more. This feeds back on itself, and the right wing will produce less lift as it turns away... and you're slapping the side of the cockpit. See the Me-109 for the world's most famous example of this.
  4. If you play stock or mostly stock, I say upgrade. There are a number of improvements in the new version, especially to thermal effects, that makes the base game a little easier. There are also neat new aircraft engines like the Juno that I'm enjoying in career mode. The new Mk1 inline crew cabin is also a great addition; I've been playing around with "microshuttles" in Sandbox and "microtourist" sub-orbital hops are my cash cow in Career right now. The new cockpit, two cabins and a tail chute with wings is a regular thrill ride of a tourist hop. If you play heavily modded, you might wait until more mods have updated their compatibility. Instead, you could make the transition to CKAN if you haven't already. The repository is tremendously convenient and keeps compatibility problems from plaguing you, as most mods I used were updated as quick as the modders could code. I did have a small problem where RealChute and the stock nosecone chute had an arguement over statistics until Jebediah learned his parachute had a deployed area of 0.0 square meters... but its been patched up since and nothing lost.
  5. I don't mind it. If you're running a satellite company, and you go up to SpaceX and ask them to launch your comms sat in a geosync orbit, and they go "meh, no", what do you do? You go somewhere else, the ESA or Russia or something. The next satellite you need launched, you're a little less likely to ask SpaceX and a little more likely to go with the other company who launched you. And if you just go through telling every job offer no, people will thing you're not interested in the offers at all. So yes, there is a reputation hit for declining a job offer. Now, if SpaceX says, "we're floating the idea but we aren't able to sign for this launch yet", IE tabling the proposal, your agents will put their offers out elsewhere. In a couple days the ESA accepts and your SpaceX offer expires. Sorry SpaceX, too slow. Its not the same as a flat "No thanks". I assume Mort over in the admin building is a slick enough negotiator to prevent that from being taken poorly. He has days to make up an excuse, after all.
  6. Obvious solution; build nuclear reactors on the ocean where accidents won't be noticed. Maybe in a boat, or some sort of boat that goes under the water. We'll probably never notice the accidents there. We'll even put teenagers and twenty-somethings in charge. But I bet there are accidents. Oh boy, probably hundreds of thousands of nuclear accidents happen.
  7. Yeah, that docking window view is what made me sit up and wonder. Another thing; somehow I had a Mk1 cockpit and a Mk1 crew module, the two new parts, back to back. I double clicked the rear of the Mk1 cockpit somewhere and found my camera in the crew module. If this is just a Connected Living Space thing, fair enough. But wouldn't it be a nice stock functionality to double-click hatches and travel from room to room on an internal tour?
  8. I'm just curious if anyone else knew about this. Your camera POV moves. If this is some old feature I never realized existed, just quietly let this thread die. Otherwise, I hope learns from it.
  9. Wesreidau

    I give up

    Well, did you try adding Kerbals?
  10. North Krussian F-86 Sabre Service Ceiling:11,000 meters Cruising Speed: 400 knots at 5,000 meters (200 m/s) Maximum Speed: 570 knots (285 m/s) Powerplant: J73-GE-3 (40kN, made by clipping 2x Junos together) Landing System: Tricycle Fuel Capacity: 130 units internal, 230 units with drop tanks Armament: 2 x 75 ore-unit dumb bombs, machine guns
  11. To be clear I am referring to water vapor from the sea level or ground absorbing that ground heat, ascending to higher altitudes, and then radiating off that heat to space or otherwise higher altitudes. This compared to dry air with less heat capacity. Not gas loss.
  12. This is the same NASA that put a nuclear reactor on a B-36 Peacemaker. Men were men then. When you consider all of this is taking place in a pressurized tin can being thrown from one spinning rock to another on a mission that will last a good quarter or half of an orbit around a thermonuclear fireball, you realize monkeys weren't supposed to come down from trees so you may as well throw your tin can with style. The shadow shield and propellant tanks are enough radioactive shielding to permit a docking with a station, if they approach and leave nose-first.
  13. Am I to understand the Earth "sweats", carrying heat from the surface into the upper atmosphere and space? If so, would higher humidity result in more heat loss?
  14. Give them atomic fire until they're in the Kuiper belt. Then we'll talk.