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  1. Now THAT I like... I might put that onto the list and try and attempt it with BDArmoury. Aerial refuel before a dogfight with an opposing faction?
  2. I'll have to try it sometime! Throw some asteroids at it!
  3. Do all asteroids have fuel/ore in them? Or do they have to be above a certain size? If you've got a link to some tutorial somewhere, that'd be even better
  4. I'm not quite sure whether anyone else has noticed this, but where has our (as members, not devs) ability gone for being able to post articles? This used to be quite a thing (for me) in the pre-2015 forum update, and since then I can't find any information on people talking about the disappearance of regular members being able to post articles. Any information or reasoning regarding this? Thanks
  5. I bought the game just a few weeks after 0.11 came out - that being, end of October in 2011. I've seen the game come a long way since then, looking back at what the game used to be you can still see resemblance of the current game - even still, so much has changed that it seems a completely different game at the same time.
  6. Stock career is a bit... *different*. I get annoyed with it quite a bit, but the slow progression and contracts just makes me want to keep going back to it over and over So many people have requested I check out mods now, I guess I'm going to have to make a list of mods to check out, aside the MIGHTY LIST! Volatile? As in... kraken visit volatile?
  7. In terms of graphics, you could try launching the game using openGL. See this link for details on that. Generally, OpenGL uses much less memory than the default DirectX renderer. Aside from that, it's unlikely that there's going to be a solution for the out of RAM issue - make sure as many of your apps are closed as possible, to free up as much memory as possible. Considering the recommended amount of RAM for system's playing KSP is 4GB, and the listed minimum is only 3GB, you should be able to run it. EDIT: I've noticed you haven't actually provided details of your system. Could we get those? Installed RAM, OS, CPU, GPU, et cetera.
  8. I could indeed do that! I'd have to first actually make it to Eve or Laythe for an atmospheric entry - I've never been into their atmosphere(s), so I don't know what to expect
  9. Banned for... using JSON to ban?
  10. So many plugs as I've mentioned before, I generally stay vanilla for the most part, unless it's an informative mod, graphics mod, or some kind of career-enhancing mod. OH, and also military mods - which I use in sandbox. Like BDArmoury No, I've never been there. I haven't even been in a flyby of those systems.
  11. "Bilfr3d" - if that's not available, then "B1lfred".
  12. I'll probably experiment shipping both unrefined ad refined ore - who said my program couldn't be a refiner program? It's not that unrealistic. Onto the list it goes!
  13. *sad violin plays* Something like "Bilfr3d" or "B1lfred" is fine then.
  14. I'm an Ubuntu speed-demon, I'm sorry It's late, and I'm exhausted, so I'll slow down before I start giving out too much wrong information
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