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  1. Was this filmed from the Unity development environment?
  2. Looks good so far. Hope everything gets to work the way it should.
  3. Not as awesome as Mount and Blade. Realistic is also debatable, but the multiplayer beta is fun. No idea on what singleplayer would be like if they ever add any. Mostly it looks a lot better, and they\'re trying to have some sort of persistent multiplayer.
  4. Hey fellow KSPers. Paradox Interactive is conducting an open beta for their game 'War of The Roses', an arcade style medieval combat game. It\'s pretty fun, and I think you guys might enjoy it. Use this link (Counts as a reference to the game from me.) to sign up! http://www.waroftherosesthegame.com/?ref=8b2ea5dda16
  5. Well, the Kerbal Scale is much, much smaller than actual scale. I\'m not sure how overpowered it\'d be if you did the .cfg edits to get it performing like the real thing.
  6. Because lying gets you nowhere in life. They know who you are. Jokes are hard to make. :/
  7. Great craft. Those directions sound almost exactly like the ArmA II directions for VTOL aircraft. ;P Have you thought about using the Damned Aerospace VTOL engines for this? You\'d be able to rotate the engines level after takeoff and then land like a normal plane, or rotate them back to land vertically.
  8. Read the post above you. Or, read the first post in this thread. Also, leave and don\'t come back.
  9. You probably won\'t be able to. The Chinese government will likely post launch videos after they\'re already in orbit.
  10. RCS was normally compressed nitrogen, I thought? Perhaps it\'s the difference between 'cold' and 'hot' RCS systems. I seem to remember that.
  11. Please do. Hamachi tends to interfere with other network connections.
  12. Yeah, no thanks on the server, then.
  13. That IP also doesn\'t seem to return a valid server.
  14. Takeoff from the Runway on a mission to locate a landed pod. Really liked the Mun in this shot.
  15. The Aviator (PC version) I have works beautifully for flight sims and KSP. I\'ve not had any issues keybinding it. I wish I could move the camera with the 8way hat switch though, that\'d be cool.
  16. At 1:30 in the top video, a clear shot of the solar panels on the SM of the Shenzhou spacecraft is shown. The curvature of the earth is clearly seen, and it\'s identical to all other videos shown of spacecraft in orbit. There\'s your evidence that it\'s real. And you\'re actually telling us that since nothing floated in the spacecraft for more than thirty seconds it was filmed on a vomit comet? You\'re sure? The Chinese don\'t have a reduced gravity plane as a trainer from what I\'ve found. They\'d have to get one, and then put a mockup of a Shenzhou reentry module inside, strap the taikonaut in, and then film that. Then they\'d have to fake the views of the earth out the window for the entire time the window is in view. And they\'d need to fake that shot I talked about in my first paragraph.
  17. Not really. Still really small limbs and a massively elongated head.
  18. I always went off of the fact that flaring usually happens after a lag or freeze in the game. Your overheating was more of a result of inadequate heat radiation. Of course, it\'s only inadequate if the engines explode. If they don\'t, you can overheat to one pixel from the end of the bar without issues.
  19. The engine flaring is just a graphics issue. It doesn\'t affect thrust or flight, correct?
  20. How much fuel do you have left when you land? If you don\'t expend all of it boosting back to a reentry on Kerbin than you can either cut out some fuel or add more payload to the rocket.
  21. That lander seems slightly overpowered... Unless you used it as the boost stage for Trans-Minmus-Injection.
  22. Well, I DL\'d the .craft, tried to jump the ramp to the launchpad, and spun wayyyyyy out of control. I\'d say it\'s a fairly successful design.
  23. Those wingboards are intriguing. I assume the extra lift they give you makes jumping things more fun, but also could pose some stability issues on a long jump. Does the lack of vertical stabilizers cause issues?
  24. Any LK style command pods planned? I always liked the look of it.
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