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  1. Well found a slight bug, seems if vessel is flagged as a plane it does not show in the Lifesupport status window.. not sure if this means it doesn't use LS but checking and attempting to fix.
  2. I am not going to be updating this mod anymore, I will leave the server up at least over the next year for anyone that is still using the client or for anyone that wants to pick it up and move it forward. If some does pick it up and wants a place to host I just need the updates to the server whenever you make them and I'll keep the server running.
  3. Thanks all, IFI LS is getting some more love for the past year its been just keeping it working with each new version of KSP. I'm going back in and activity working on it again finally going to get the custom config stuff added (Now that it looks easier to save it per save game).
  4. Seems 1.2.2 has broke Kerbal Live Feed, I'm troubleshooting it now.
  5. Not many logins lately from the logs, but the server is still around.
  6. @nebuchadnezzarThanks for letting me know, was getting ready to test, and then make new build now I can take my time.
  7. Test Build for 1.2 is now available on Git and Curse. IFI Curse Page IFI on Github
  8. Looking good, I have everything working, except my resource and PartModule do not show up in the VAB or SPH.
  9. So when watching items in the Watch panel of the Debugging console. some items have a blue box and others have a wrench beside them. I have seen the same variable change between the two. What do they mean?
  10. Still fixing things that broke with 1.2. Also without a update to ModuleManager releasing a new build will just cause problems ( Which exposes another problem dependency on another Author to make my Plugin work might not be the best approach) And since it has been eluded to that Modulemanager might not be updated until the official release of 1.2. I am currently testing doing all the updates that I used MM for in my own code.
  11. 1.2 Prerelease is here.... So I'm working on a update for testing, seems 1.2 seriously messed with my EVA code and for initial testing build I'm just going to disable it. Until I can figure a new way to do it. Should be posting a test build later today.
  12. Figured I'd post here first, Just started a Jool mission and will be using a Blog to follow it's progress. Jool Mission Blog This will also be a great test of my plugin.
  13. New Release V3.20 for KSP 1.1.3 links updated in OP..
  14. I'm working on a fix, was out of town should have it posted 6-29-16..
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