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  1. Yeaah what I eventually did was sending another spacecraft and dock with it, transfer all the data and return, but that's not the problem as I did this right away I finished gathering science, the problem is landing on an atmospheric body, say I went to duna, collected science and wanted to return to kerbin with very little fuel, my lander has to withstand the heat, or also consider aero-braking in jools atmosphere, this is my problem. Anyway! Thanks every for trying to help, you guys really did give me some ideas!
  2. Hello everyone! I made a lander that can get refueled, it's built of 3 crewed capsule (mk3 cockpit,,I guess?) and a big fuel tank underneath it with two small fuel tanks on the sides, srapped with two LV-N's, I did 1k science mission just using this lander, got refueled twice, and it's now orbiting minmus, the problem is that it doesn't really have any heat absorbing stuff, and LV-N's are really expensive, is there a way to use an efficient lander that can also withstand re-entry heat? Thanks in advance!
  3. I've done an Eve return mission a while ago actually, I don't recall what version wat but I'm guessing either 0.18 or 0.19, Add to that, I'm playing KSP since .16 and I still haven't done Eve Return mission in 1.0.2 , In the meantime I have a kerbal stranded on eve screaming HELP LOL!
  4. Mainly for docking, as you said, fine tuning orbits too! And I guess for making the spacecraft more stable. I also used them for rovers to provide downforce, These are the uses for RCS for me
  5. Yeah, did land quite a few times, but never tried to leave! Although I have took off from Eve and returned to kerbin, tylo is, by far the hardest body to land/take off from, for example, on Eve there is an atnosphere that helps you land without using fuel ( if you designed it well ), and then take off with full fuel, on tylo, you land using rocket power, then you send another spacecraft to refuel it on the ground, then take off, take in accout that taking off is somewhat hard-ish ( easier than Eve ), you simply go up a couple thounsand meters, then go completely horizontaly, Boom your in Orbit!
  6. in my opinion, no need for trial and error, or even mechjeb, just ask the awesome community, that's why it's made! to topic, I usually Aerobrake at 118km to get to laythe, anything above ( until 125km ) will get you further away until Pol, Have fun and be sure to make a topic showing us your success!
  7. I hope I helped to discover this ( for who didn't know ). and no, this is the first time I see those stuff.. I don't watch youtube videos for KSP except Scott and sometimes Kurt.
  8. Hello there everybody! how you feeling today?! today I was building a big mothership to Jool, and like anyother person, I put stuff together and if it goes great I let it be, if not I re-design, anyhow, I *accidentally* right clicked on the light, and guess what showed up! Yep! Tweakable colours! OMG! *P.S: I don't know if this has been in game since tweakables were presented, but I just found this out today..* *Posting pictures later, got no time right now, If anyone could, it would be great *
  9. I did takeoff, but didn't return to kerbin, I had to use the jetpack (Lol) to get just above the atmosphere, and note: I took off from 2km high, meaning I was near sea level.. god it was hard!! here it is:
  10. Hey everyone, Just had a though: there is planets in KSP, and they Must have something to make them 'special'. so, what planet do you think is special? why? what made you say 'wow'..? those kind of question's.. and uh, yeah, post pictures!! *P.S: you can choose moons, too! well, I'll start first. I love duna, I just can't resist it's beautiful colour, it's the 1st outer planet for me to visit back in .17, I was astounded! it's really our mars 'brother', the large Ice caps, high mountains! ( which makes it special, for me, ) and what made me say wow? back in .21 ( IIRC ) they changed the Mun, Duna and eve, also kerbin?, anyhow, Duna got a better look, more bumps, less flat areas, more mountains, and THAT mountain, god it was 7650m high! I re-loaded the game like 6 times to get a pin-point landing near the top, ( well not really near.. but enough for me haha! )
  11. Probably Moho, So far 5 kerbals has been Killed.. By that big rock, two rovers broke up when landing ( ran out of fuel and crashed @ 50m/s. Last visit was in .21 IIRC.. No matter what! It doesn't agree landing my modules!
  12. Pol, defintely Pol! The view is astounding, you can see all the moons orbiting jool, snd it has these 'poop' shaped rocks haha xD!
  13. Scott Manley, Scott Manley, and Danny! I 'liked' kurt when the game was fresh, now I think he goes really far, making the video longer and more boring, he is kind off playing the 'noob' style, or maybe 'slow and lazy' , I like how Scott does stuff, clean and interesting! also he adds some basic and general things to the video, making it far more interesting!
  14. Here you go: STOCK ONE! http://www./view/1ir6fkq3muc33c1/Spike%201.craft
  15. Ok then! I'll put the stock one when I come back, cheers!
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