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  1. Kerbals don't really know how to drive them so they use rockets instead.
  2. ...thought that rendezvous could be achieved by launching in a retrograde orbit while the target is in a prograde orbit...
  3. Overall Reactions: 1st 2 paragraphs - 3rd paragraph -
  4. False. The user below me is TOTALLY (not) waiting patiently for .23
  5. Banned for killing a Kerbal as an impactor.
  6. New planet is not coming, so yeah... also.. SCIENCE fixes
  7. 71%... can't they just close the poll now? EDIT: 72% as of 12/8, 1 pm EST
  8. "Houston, come in, over" "Go ahead KSP" "We got a 68% in votes" "Roger that, continue with classified mission: Landslide"