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  1. hyper edit.... i will definitely try that! thank you
  2. I do apologize if this is in the wrong category! I spent about a month setting up my network of orbital stations and my moon base, well the save file ended up corrupted and unusable. Instead of doing that all again i want to assemble the moon base on Kerbin and modify the save file to put it on the moon, is this possible and how do i do it? thanks in advance!
  3. it does run much faster in wine than windows, plus I just switched and don't want to buy the native version yet. very good new on the mods, thanks! I miss my mecjeb! any chance i could be pointed in the right direction of the kerble files?
  4. i don't know if i'm posting in the right place, but here it goes. so i'm running KSP on wine through steam. took me a day to get it running right being i'm new to Ubuntu, now my concern is mods. how do i install them? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thank you, i'm going to download and install as soon as i'm done typing this!
  6. Hi, i'm fairly new to the games (anout a month or so) and ive just started to build rovers. the problem im having is when building them my symmetry mode goes vertical instead of horizontal, which is nice for the rover construction, but when building the rocket that takes it to space it makes life extremely difficult. is there a way to toggle it?
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