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  1. Turned out that what I was seeing is stock behavior. I tried removing all mods and the problem persisted. Roverdude confirmed (on the USL mod page) that it is stock converter behavior.
  2. God damnit I have spent at least a good few hours trying to fix the stock game. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. After scrubbing all mods down to just USL LS, I found that this problem only exists for the life support EC drain of the Kerbals. Probe cores and other types of EC drain remains steady. I apologize for involving you, as it seems to be directly related to how USL works. I saw the DBS setting for warp in the config file, and drew a wrong conclusion.
  4. Not sure I understand. What happens for me, is that a vessel with just the starter capsule and 1 kerbal, have the EC drains 0.01 -> 0.05 -> 0.10 -> 0.5 -> 1 -> 0.01 as warp goes from 1x -> 5x -> 10x -> 50x -> 100x -> 1000x. Notice that the EC drain basically resets to run in real time, instead of warp time, but ONLY at 1000x and above. It this desired behavior? EDIT: Having removed all mods except USL LS this still happens. It does NOT happen with other types of EC drain however! It is only the Kerbal drain that has this weird behavior at and passed 1000x.
  5. I return because unlike what I said earlier, Nertea's mod does not seem to be responsible after all. Before I start tearing my install apart (again), can you @RoverDude confirm that the 0.01 electrical charge drain of single Kerbal, should continue beyond warp speed 100x?
  6. I can confirm that the problem remains after removing DBS. However at no point does the power flow or heat flow change in my setup. I haven't had any luck using ckan since I returned to the game, so its all manually installed. I'll try to reinstall everything, and report back if it fixes it.
  7. I do not use this mod though. Reproduction: Basically just make anything and launch it. It happens on all vessels. I made a short video which show whats going on: I have also attached logs (didn't know which one you wanted, so I attached output, player, and KSP.) https://www.dropbox.com/s/bn440joa16idnkz/logs.zip?dl=0 I also compiled a list of mods that I have installed. If there is anything I can provide, let me know. Volume in drive D is Programs Volume Serial Number is 8249-42F5 Directory of D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameDa
  8. The problem is that at warp speeds higher than 100x, the electric charge drain completely stops. I noticed it on my first fly by of mun. I was suppose to barely make it back, and I made it with basically full charge (and with no solar panels, or other ways to recharge). As electric charge is one dimension of life support, this makes it a lot easier to make man missions. Is there any "easy" workaround for this? On a other note; Thanks for all the mods!
  9. Are Dynamic Battery Storage necessary for your mods which has it attached? I trying to play with USL LS, but it seems to be messing with it.
  10. I have started a new playthrough, and I'm having a "problem". Electrical charge and supplies doesn't seem to be draining, once warp goes about 100x, which kinda defeats the purpose of having a life support mod. I'm using Parallax, Scatterer, a bunch of Nertea's mods, MKS and USL LS. Any ideas what could be causing this? EDIT: It seems to come from Nerteas Dynamic Battery Storage mod, and that its a compatibility issue.
  11. Does Nertea's engines have acceleration during warp?
  12. My first asteroid meet up in years (only second one ever). Are they suppose to look like that?
  13. I'll try but since my contract doesn't say it wants me to find comets / asteroids near Kerbin, I'm a bit skeptical. I'll report back.
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