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  1. That is exactly what my problem as well. Basically yea.
  2. Yes it is running in 64 bit. Line from Output.log: [KSP Version]: (WindowsPlayer x64) (x64)
  3. I late the game run for a while, then hit Alt + End. Did I miss something obvious?
  4. Ground textures turn flickery. But honestly I didn't understand what your answer had to do with my question. Are you saying that an AddOn can force cap the RAM usage? Also MemGraph doesn't help it hurts like I said, so what are you on about?
  5. dx11 causes very bad texture problems, and opengl has been unstable on my machine in the passed. In any event it doesn't really answer question Also the garbage mod, actually makes things WORSE for me. It makes the stutter happen a lot more often, and more lengthy.
  6. So I have noticed that KSP, even running 64 bit, still refuse to use more RAM then 4 GB. Considering that this celling seems to determine how often "garbage collection" happens, I'd love to fully utilize my 32 GB's of RAM, hopefully making garbage collection stutter happen vastly less often.
  7. This actually made my stuttering worse. The stutters happens more and more often, the more I hit Alt + End. Is where anyway to undo this?
  8. Just a quick question. Has Mechjeb and Interstellar engines become better friends over the years? (as in, can mechjeb actually be used now? Back in Wave-Functions version, Mechjeb would be unable to perform most maneuvers because of an inability to to correctly calculate burn times and thrusts)
  9. Quick question; Doesn't Interstellar Extended engines play nice with Mechjeb these days? I seem to recall those guys didn't play well together back in Wave-Functions version.
  10. Since 1.2.1, the refocus key was apparently changed back backspace to backquote. Now I'm sure this is great for people with english, but for me using a danish layout, its gamebreaking since there isn't a backquote key on there. The only way for me to generate a backquote is to Shift + ´ and then hit enter. Needless to say this doesn't work in KSP. Is there a way to customize this, because the using an English Layout while playing presents even more issues. Please help EDIT: Nevermind, I just noticed an option to actually change hotkeys has been added at some point.
  11. Got some weird graphical artifacts, not mention a rough transition of textures on decent. Also just is the terrain of Iota suppose to be very pointy? (second picture)
  12. Making the gif on giphy is taking forever, so here is a short recording on YouTube.
  13. Oh my bad! I thought SVE was just a continuation of EVE, and thought this was the place to go. My bad Say given that I am on Galileo Planet Pack, and using EVE, is the above normal behavior?
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