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  1. 362 Build a Saturn V and launch it off the building
  2. 360 Grab a BB Gun, climb into the air ducts, and ignite the propane tanks.
  3. I'd add some pods so you can see-and-drop to the anomalys
  4. No, I never actually made anything... Maby I'll rejoin the team when I figure out how to get SketchUp models into Unity. Everything looks sweet! Bobcat, your plot is AMAZING!
  5. I'm really sorry, but I'm leaving the team.I'll still watch and give suggestions, but im not gonna model. Anyway, like the B.A.R.!
  6. nothke, could you have the dev files as .zips? i cant download it.
  7. Im not gonna be able to work on my model, but ill still watch. Please reserve KIT for my creation.
  8. I'm currently makeing a KIRT - Kerbal Institute of Rocket Technology campus. A subsidairy of KIT.
  9. -snigger snigger- I think I want to make a Kerbsoft HQ...
  10. The answer: SketchUp's Y axis is a horizontal axis, and unitys is vertical.