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  1. funny enough, I legitimately thought about buying it on steam so i could do that, but i have had ksp since right before it was on steam.
  2. super frustrating cause kopernicus disables it self in 1.4.4 and i don't know how to get 1.4.3
  3. Shoutout to @ferram4 I haven't been it a ksp mood for a few months and really just check the forum to see how things are going, but it's nice to see that this mod is still going strong, I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to get it updated to work with the current version of ksp and then boom next one gets released. (and then THAT question pops up) Not a pry at trying to get it to 1.4 or anything like that,(as i said i haven't jumped back into playing yet) just a thx for the truly MASSIVE amount of work you throw into this. there are tons of great mods for ksp but not many have the complexity that this must have.
  4. I can't seem to remember where i found it, but there was a guide of sorts that explain the different way tweakscale scaled a fuel tank vs a girder or something like that and came in really handy when making a tweakscale config, does anyone know where i can find that, or whether i'm just insane.
  5. maybe a tweakscale config for a easy quick fix on that?
  6. while I do agree with you that for the most part most planes on carriers are small, (besides the example of the c130 above) but this is KSP and unless your aiming for completely realistic, than the real world does not matter as much, so the idea of having big carriers is not that big of an issue, also the 150 is not my landing speed it's the crash tolerance in the part config, as i don't see how lightly touching the wheels to any deck at that speed would end up in explostions of any kind, it's more so a extreme that i shouldn't have to meet, also f-18 hornets land around 135 knots which is still around 70 m/s and the A-5 Vigilante was around 150 knots which is closer to 80 ms. which would mean instant explosions with the 50 m/s crash tolerance. again regardless of how light you land. the cargo plane i presented in my pic can get down to that speed but it would prefer around 80-90 ms which isn't completely insane considering it's size. and it's purpose of being a SSTO aircraft. As much as i love the f-14s i'm actually surprised now that think about it that I haven't built variable winged planes yet for any reason. I have a few designs that can land at 30 easily but the range on the OLS would still be nice if it wasn't tied to the size of the part, also why not have the ability to build carriers that fit with the stock size of the ACA part. with out a system crashing amount of parts,
  7. thats why i've been messing around with a cfg file for tweakscale but as someone that has limited knowledge its kinda slow,
  8. the issue i have with the OLS is that it's guide to help you land is also attached to the scale of the part so at normal scale the ability to extend it 10km works just fine but when you scale it down 25 percent you get 25 percent of 10km as well leaving you with 2.5km of guidence. i'm not sure if that would change between rescalefactor and scale but i'll try that, heres why the decks are to small for the majority of the aircraft in ksp. like your example my carrier is also primary 3 segments wide, as well as having side storage on the lower deck, but anything other than the smallest planes don't really have a place on this size of carrier.
  9. I was just using 10k as a rough example, Also i haven't got ACA parts to work with tweakscales and when resized with a mm patch is messes with the OLS part and the catapult as well, (the wires work fine and i didn't see a need to resize the hook,) My other point is still that all the planes on your carrier, are still extremely small and compact and by that have a very narrow use case, also I have tried just using a lot of parts to build massive carriers but it gets to the point where it no long acts as a solid unit. (even with KJR) and it eats up a lot of FPS even on a top end system (7700k + 1080ti + 32 gigs of ram) Also when the parts are bigger it makes it vastly easier to land at 100-150ms but again you have modify the config so it does blow up instantly regardless of how light you touch down at that speed
  10. but that tilt rotor is still fairly small, and i'm sure there are plenty of people other than me that want to land full sized spaceplanes on these carriers, also worth mentioning is that the carrier accessories pack that is linked in the OP those parts are way too big to actual be used on these carrier in any non kraken calling way, With that said i'm kinda working on a mm patch that would get these to work with tweakscale for testing purposes and i'll definitly post it here when i'm sure that its all good. My thought would be just throwing the carrier in the ocean, making a quick take-off landing run with the space craft to the carrier, then moving the carrier to the altitude i want, and then taking off with my craft, I've also just edited the parts so it has a tolerance of 150 instead of 50, to facilitate the higher landing speeds of bigger planes.
  11. To be fair, while 10m seems realitively big compared to most other parts, you do have to build something really small before you can actually get it into the lower flight decks. It would be cool to build super massive ships and then park them in around 10000m and use it as a jumping point to orbit.
  12. is there any chance for tweakscale support for this? Forgive me if it's been covered before i only went back a few pages.
  13. I don't know how he did it but the ALG stuff works now
  14. @flywlyx The two lauches i've done so far both worked fine, the only weird thing is that it kinda joggles the front wheel around a bit right before it actually grabs it, and then with my plane that i was launching (i'll have to try a different one just to make sure) the wheel ends up being a little bit off the ground when it's grabbed by the catapult, Other than that it worked just as well as it did with the stock wheels EDIT 1: the lifting of the wheel is only on my MM file rescaled version of the catapult, it doesn't happen on the un-rescaled one. also the jerky ness is about the same as with the stock wheels, so it's just my MM patch causing those issues,