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  1. [snip] This all started when I told Rocket In My Pocket (Chibbity on the Steam forums) that he was a rogue element, a loose cannon, an uncultured barbarian for rotating the craft in the VAB. I assured him that nobody does that. Nobody. At all. Not a soul. However, in my benevolent manner, I made two topics. One on here, one on Steam, in order to give him a chance and see if others were like him. I thank you all for your time and realise this is trivial, but it was merely to discover how many people were on each side. There wasn't really another way to do this. For the record; I use the D
  2. Just a quick thread to see how everyone plays the game. Do you rotate the command pod in the VAB so you use a different key? Do you spin the craft on the launchpad/after launch to use a different key? Do you press D?
  3. Yeah, I got the same question. Unmodded install. I was quite excited to see the new IVA
  4. I'd be tempted to restrict admin building use. I used it to nuke my reputation in return for funds because I forgot to set reputation at the start of the game and was surprised at how much you get for nuking rep. So this challenge is kinda like my usual game! (except now I'm untrustworthy with buckets of funds!) I usually roll my eyes at people nitpicking challenges, now I feel bad D: Just a heads up I guess?
  5. The technical limitations of blue lighting. See that bit that isn't lit up? That's the current tech limit.
  6. Hey OP Did you ever think about *drumroll* Quicksaves? What happens when a player desyncs the server by loading a quicksave from 5 minutes ago?
  7. I think Tex is trying to reinvent the wheel. The problem with DMP was never its time sync (that works fine) it was what happened when two physics bubbles collided and desync.
  8. Pretty sure I was the first to make the fuel overlay mesmerizing. http://i.imgur.com/qK7plhc.gifv
  9. Just when I was thinking: "Man, why don't I build stations?" I realised I did. This counts....right?
  10. Heh, I did this a few days ago with the Sombrero. No cheats involved. Craft file: https://mega.nz/#!HB83VJTC!7p2uhwYRyglJxHDlReofKngtU8y923BmE3EvbasV5so Oh, minor note: You have to launch vertically...skid horizontally, fall off the runway, quickly pitch down and just *hope* it takes off.
  11. Heh, I wonder if my DankNet nodes count. It's in an extremely high molniya-esque orbit, as seen by that little Kerbin in the background, serves a giant rely for Outer Planets.
  12. But wait, who won the previous challenge and the coveted prize of a 'pat on the back'?
  13. Fair enough. It'll just make the recording a bit hard to see, that's all. I doubt I can do it anyway, my stock missiles aren't great.
  14. What are you using to record? I used OBS. Pretty suite program (pun intended). Doesn't hog resources and outputs a reasonably small file.
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