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  1. Ok. I know nothing about "when is not too soon" in this community. A week it is then! Feel free to @ me on the new thread if you need any help!
  2. Does anyone know if this still works for 1.9?
  3. Oh I see. Yeah, that was my first thought. But it can still be used for the crew, resources etc, right? My question was really bad, the correct form should be: Will the game break if I install both mods at the same time?
  4. I used to be a big fan of this mod, nice work man! Wondering if this would work with Kerbalism, since the science part can conflict. Any word on that? I can test it at night if no one has done this yet! Thx for the effort!
  5. There are issues open on the repository. I can try to help updating, if the dev shows up.
  6. In case someone doesn't know, the Scatterer post has a 1.9 work-oround posted in the OP!
  7. I'm so sorry for such a noob question, but it's a real doubt. Why is this still only available for 1.7, while 1.8 has been around for some time, and even 1.9 is out now? Is the plan to jump from 1.7 to 1.9, or something like that? Thx in advance!
  8. Oh, this kind of files are way too "heavy" for NotePad or WordPad. Besides, if you plan to mess with this kind of thing (editing config files etc), I recommend you download a little program called "NotePad++" for windows. Then just right-click the file to open it with NP++. Then find and edit the lines of code I said before. This program is somewhat a little more complex then the default NotePad, but once you get used to it, it's also waaay more powerful. That's gonna do the trick for you! Enjoy it
  9. That did the trick @Mister_Pig. Many thx!
  10. Did the same as @Vlad Lastname said. Works. @PTNLemay, edit your .json file on CKAN folder, find the "SXT" part, under v25.1 change the repo's path, as mentioned by Vlad. Worked like a charm for me too! It installed via CKAN normally and everything works. Quote me if you find any trouble. (* remember to uncheck the 'auto-repo-update' thing under CKAN Options tab before doing this. You can re-check the option after performing the install) Hope the dev fixs this quickly
  11. Hi! I'm trying to get this mod again as part of RSS/RO/RP0 dependencies, for 1.0.5. And CKAN keeps throwing some sort of "unable to download" error. Can someone please check that? Tried this on 2 machines, win and linux. Same error, obviously. Besides, CKAN insists on not recognizing the installation even after downloading myself the mod and placing in GameData. I'm stuck. Some sort of repo's problem maybe? Could someone please double-check that? Thank you guys! And congrats @Lack
  12. Oh my, I feel so stupid right now. Thank you very much @sal_vager! BTW, it is indeed build 1028
  13. Hi! By installing KSP through Steam (using the "Previous Stable Release" option), the version on the bottom of the main game window says "", no build data. Just to clarify, I'm planning to stick to 1.0.5 until some bugs of 1.1.1 are fixed, which completely breaks game-play - in my particular case I say. My question: is this build "1028", with all the latest bug-fixes of original 1.0.5? If not, how can I get those? Many thanks!
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