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  1. Squad probably could have just said this and I would be ok with it. I'm actually glad this is happening because community run mod repositories set up a new chance to improve on what issues we had before. Maybe this time if the team running spacedock.info gets a little weary on their motives we can support them by understanding their issues more clearly. Until then, lets be honest this was bound to happen sooner or later.
  2. So I am using blender and I need help merging these vertices, but keep in mind I want the wing which you can barely see on the other side to be a mirror of this one. I know that there is another easy way to make an airplane by adding a mirror module or something. That is something I am not very interested in since I am so far into this model already. What are your suggestions is there an easy way to attach these because I am having trouble.
  3. Its funny, I used camera tools and you have to play with the mod a bit to get the intended affect, if you see a split second normal view its because of my sloppy editing.
  4. *cough* maybe it was removed from their standard issue suits as things didn't go so well In the kerbal simulation*cough* or its just an easter egg Ya ill go with both
  5. Thank you so much! It means so much to hear that so early. Don't mind the influence of the music, with recent events in my life There is bound to be better days. By the way it was an ISS
  6. Its called "Dream" tell me what you think. This is my first cinimatic and I would love to know what you would think.
  7. Just built a new PC and the specs blow this tiny 32 bit game away. I cant describe how happy I felt when I could make a 247 part rocket and have playable FPS. PS: just wondering if there was any part you would add to your PC or replace what would it be.
  8. I'm an engineering student, and from a technical standpoint its an a amazing thing. To design something without restrictions or to what restrictions you want to challenge yourself mentally. The game has really brightened my interest in aerodynamic engineering more than anything else because watching a 50 ton modified booster rocket with wings fly and rip itself is one of the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
  9. Im excited for release. Seems like a must have mod.
  10. First of all let me say I am so excited for the final release of 1.0. The final release seems to be fitting of the basics we require for the game and what lacks thereof can be accommodated with mods. What I don't like is this: "This has only been made possible by the astounding, incredible support we have gotten from you all. Consider everything that will come after 1.0 as our way of saying thank you, for believing in our crazy little rocket-launching game, for supporting us through four incredible years, for sticking with us all the way here, and in advance already for staying around for 1.0 and beyond." I'm ok with the finished product but what I'm not ok with is anything after 1.0 being under-developed and ill-thought out. This will likely not be an issue but if it is then I will be angered in the Squads development if anything post 1.0. What do you think?
  11. You know that ship from pandora that brought the humans to make a profit off unobtainium? That would be pretty cool, but I'm not particularly interested in the interstellar part of the ship. I'm really interested in the basis of a transport vehicle that carries two ssto vehicles, not much else about it. more info as follows at this link: http://james-camerons-avatar.wikia.com/wiki/Interstellar_Vehicle_Venture_Star edit 1: there is aparently a valkarie which is the ssto from the ship here http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/57629-AVATAR-Valkyrie-shuttle-80-finished-project-giveaway%21
  12. The ISS has pretty much in my opinion run its course in terms of science capacity. It should be decommissioned, but not in the way MIR was by the Russians. Maybe a International orbital Space museum could begin to run its course. Yes the maintenance would be somewhat odd but it would be the first orbital museum. Ever.
  13. Just gonna leave a comment here... I like how the title is Autopruner... Very clever op
  14. Just poking back in here a little late. Glad to see development resuming, hope to see a great release soonâ„¢.