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  1. I thought Kerbol was an F-class star. It certainly looks like an F-class when viewed from up close.
  2. I think there should be a radar altimeter module that you have to attach to your craft to get a reading from it. Some landers, like the Mk. 2 Lander Can, may have an altimeter built-in on the inside.
  3. I love everything that is happening to KSP thus far. The new aerodynamics overhaul for stock that came with the full release was overdue but extremely welcome in my opinion. It comes with its issues, however, and those will just have to be worked out with time, trial, and error.
  4. I haven't encountered any of this in any versions of stock KSP, however I did experience a strange bug the first time I used FAR in which it would devote torque on the vessel toward trying to spin out of control. People said I just didn't understand the aerodynamics, but I discovered that my vessels would work much better if I disabled torque and RCS completely and relied entirely on lifting surfaces and control surfaces to determine my orientation. When I tried FAR again on a different computer and different version of KSP (both times during alpha) it worked fine.
  5. it won't let me select the correct prefix KSP Version: v1.0.0.830 Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601) 64bit What Happens: When a Kerbal is forcefully ejected from EAS-1 external command seat, they count as debris and cannot be operated. You cannot move them or return them to the seat. Mods / Add-Ons: All Stock Steps to Replicate: 1) Make a rover with wheels and an EAS seat that can go pretty fast 2) Put a Kerbal into the EAS seat 3) Get the rover going about 10m/s and roll it 4) If you roll it right, you can eject the Kerbal from the seat due to the impact without destroying the seat or the Ke
  6. Autosaves seem basically useless because quickload only loads quicksaves, and exiting the game causes an autosave to happen, so you can never load any autosave other than an exit game autosave unless the game is quit due to an unhandled exception. There should be a way to load autosaves.
  7. I think it'd be great to have a bunch of trivial info listed in the engineer reports. After all, the key lists an icon for such benign reports, yet I have seen very few of them pop up. Most of my rockets get caution reports only (usually things that are actually fine because I know what I'm doing). Also, I think the icon for the clamp-o-tron jr should be changed to better differentiate it from the regular clamp-o-tron as long as they are going to look alike. I'm an expert at this stuff and I had to memorize their position to tell them apart quickly because I simply cannot tell by looking at th
  8. I'd like to have two decouplers for each stack width, one thin and weak with barely any ejection force, and the other thick and powerful which sends your stuff flying apart. Then it'd be nice if there were stack separators with this new functionality in which you can decouple it from one side, and then the other side later. It'd be nice to have a second type of stack separator that would be composed entirely of a dissolvable adhesive, which when triggered would destroy itself, gently severing both sides with no ejection force and leaving no debris.
  9. and here I thought Kerbals were supposed to be chimpanzee analogs. Occasionally I feel like a rocket of mine is safe enough to put in crew who aren't expendable!
  10. I don't care for the option to warp, but the apoapsis icon needs to show when you're still deep in atmosphere because that is a useful tool for launching to orbit.
  11. Thanks! =] I like shoving the materials bay inside in the center, then kind of arranging everything else small enough to fit around the materials bay. I also installed lights on the top so it's easier to see in there.
  12. I didn't get that many rescue missions, but there was never a shortage of new crew until I filled up on non-rescue contracts that I wasn't completing and new contracts stopped showing altogether.
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