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  1. Question on how this works. Is this done when launching from the VAB, reloading from someplace or on the fly? I'm curious if this would work with say bases made with docking stuff together or ones build piece by piece with KAS on site.
  2. I looked at the wiki and honestly maybe I'm missing it but I couldn't find a way to check if a parameter is positive, or a way to check if something is missing.. I'm wanting to mess around with some old parts that may not have proper internals and automatically add the placeholder internal with a mm file if one is needed. Is there a way to do this?
  3. Yep that's the line I was talking about. Add the bit I quoted to the file in the KEI labled ExcludedExperiments.cfg in the KEI folder. There should already be a list of a few already in it. Once you do and restart, it should show up properly.
  4. Just as a heads up, a possible issue of why people are saying its not working is that the icon in the first screenshot does not match what is in the zip. The one your looking for is a green globe with a leaf on it. That should open it up. Also if you use the Pathfinder mod you will need to add "experiment = WBIGeoScienceExperiment" to the excluded experiments list. I'm saying this because it took me more restarts than I care to admit to realize what was wrong and how to fix it.
  5. I don't know about that. I typically raise each part by 15 until one end goes up, then increase by 5 in the heavy side until the craft is basically horizontal, and then control altitude using the middle parts buoyancy. Doing this in fact let me complete the GAP contract pack Coast Guard certification mission, and find out getting to close to the hikers on the K2 mission will just let them fall to their deaths because they are floating... It is a bit more work, but its totally doable.
  6. Im guessing its related to this bug he talked about earlier: " Also, nightingale confirms the spawn code for buildings is buggy, so I can't fix the Flight 38 island resort contract, nor can I rely on values for your airport placements. Argh. He says its an issue with KSP itself. I will be ripping out Flight 38 in next release as a result (bummers) until building spawn code works properly. Currently spending hours to get one building right, and even then it's not guaranteed. Just a waste of precious time at this point - although I think this only affects crafts that have had their root ch
  7. Well, all you had to do was ask lol. When he uploaded everything to his own site, I made a copy of everything in case it disappeared. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qja77pro8n6mh8w/AADYa5QehQdv076_Wgv6PkeEa?dl=0
  8. Well the only time you need it is if your using a HL based part, then its a simple right click. with a very basic menu. Its not exactly like scansats menu options, and I honestly wonder if ANY toolbar is needed, even the stock one...
  9. Is there a way to force it to use the stock toolbar, if Toolbar is installed even right clicking on the part and checking toggle GUI does not bring it up..? There are a few mods where you need the toolbar mod like Docking Port Indicator, and Scansat so there is a reason to have it installed..
  10. Was just wanting to check in on this, and ask a question. Are you using the original Eagle or are you updating the Wayland Eagle? I'm curious because I was wondering if the break dancing landing gear when first spawning was ever fixed. This is probably the only thing keeping me from making my own update.
  11. Not seeing anyone else post it, but thought I would give you a heads up, but it looks like this is having the issue with Contract Configurator and Toolbar. When it is installed the button disappears, and in list of what buttons to show it is replaced by question marks. If it is the same issue details of whats causing it is here. Most are saying its an easy update fix.
  12. I find this funny as I have already been using the buffalo parts for make shift gondolas with the HL mod haha
  13. Nice, was hoping this would get an update. Self sufficient colonization missions here we come. Edit: Would it be possible to add in a way to spawn in custom Kerbal classes or replace the the normal civs with something else? The colonists in this mod seem very useful. Maybe a "colonization training course" but still let them count towards the civ pop for breeding?
  14. Just a tip for this try using the RCS balancer to keep the center of thrust close to center of mass with low torque. Its useful for more than just RCS and is much more useful than the stock tools.
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