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  1. I found myself coming here just to watch them scroll a few times...
  2. Not technically in KSP but... Finally got my new computer up and running. Now just patiently waiting for my download to finish (shouldn't be more than a minute or two) so I can get back to playing again!
  3. Not entirely true. In fact I only had one craft that really had a problem with them. I had placed a landing gear too close to the bay. The part itself didn't touch the bay (when it was closed, or fully open) but just the act of having the tiniest bit be in the doors way when they would open caused the entire craft to wobble something horrible... even when the bay was not opening/closing.
  4. I was going to order a new HD for my PC so I can play again, but decided to put it off for a few weeks and just get a new pc! As a side note I noticed my laptop here still has version 0.18 on it! Might play it later for old times sake. Also has 0.23 or 0.24 would have to double check and too lazy to do that.
  5. I started building a colony ship. Got the basic design made, got the first few pieces into orbit (even using extraplanetary launchpads I had to break this thing up..) Then decided to take a break and something went funky with my computer so now I am MIA till I fix it.
  6. Didn't do much just toyed around with rebuilding my little rover for moving hab modules so I can set up offworld bases.
  7. The boys have been working hard lately so I thought they could use a little downtime... Jeb and Bill went bowling on the mun, you know for scien(tist)ce. Yes I know horrible attempt at a horrible pun, I'll show myself out now.
  8. Might be right, might be wrong, I don't know but for atmo... I try to put my PE over my target (initially anyway) usually about 35-40k altitude (for kerbin) For non-powered landings this usually has me around 2-3k in the air above my landing zone and on a almost dead drop trajectory so when I hit chutes I am never too far off. For powered landings (spaceplanes specifically) it allows me to make breaking maneuvers and final adjustments before landing.
  9. Landing legs (depending on size of the rover) are a huge help on this. My mun train (few pages back) each car had landing legs because of this same problem, even at a low landing speed like 1.3m/s I was flattening wheels and despite having engineers at the ready to fix them... weird things happen on the mun. There is always also landing gear. Put the small landing gears on your rover and land on those wheels, then raise the gear and off you go, it gets a little ugly if you are forced to use the medium gears though. If you don't mind mods Kerbal Foundries mod has some great rugged wheels, I don't care for them much myself because of issues I have with the torque. I don't like slowly accellerating and when a wheel makes a 25 ton rover pop a wheellie on Kerbin you know it will be trouble on Mun.
  10. Indeed. There is a experimental rover body in Kerbal Foundries mod that I use a lot. One of the things I love about it is the bay doors... they slide closed rather than swing open/close.
  11. I made a few improvements to the JebSled. I think I actually managed to frighten him! Though considering how the initial test before heading down to the south pole went I can't exactly say I blame him if he wet his suit a little...
  12. annallia

    KSP Puns

    I laughed harder than I care to admit to at that one...
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