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  1. I don't see the toolbar button for the science sampler. I added the small utilities and can see those listed in the KK toolbar but not the science sampler. Did you do anything special to get it to work gmiddlemass?
  3. I have recently returned to KSP and was looking forward to the integrated telemetry and wanted to try the RO / FASA / Historical Contracts mods. After a few days playing with the available pre-release versions on GITHUB I seem to have everything working except for RealHeat (which appears to be abandoned?). The early game USSR craft seem to be a bit under powered and the Saturn V only has a TWR of .31. I've tried merging the pending pulls on FASA/RO GIT's but the mass and thrust are right (maybe not counting all the engines?). Anyway, I was just wondering if there is anybody else that wants to collaborate on getting RO working again, or should I just wait it out? Happy Landings! -Dead
  4. So what is the current status of RO and FASA etc? I've been looking for an active thread to discuss but haven't seen one. I have FASA/FAR/RO etc working ok but have a few questions (like why is the TWR on the Saturn 1B / V only .31). Anybody have a few minutes to clue me in? (I've been away from KSP for the last few revisions and was looking forward to RO/FASA with built in telemetry).
  5. Even in WWII they could make a flat runway. The divots in the first 1000 ft are stupid.
  6. Best tool ever! Must-have for heavily modded games. In just the last few hours of game-play I've fixed multiple broken docking ports, several ghost clone EVA kerbals, and a borked engine / tank combo. No usability or corruption issues at all. 10*'s would buy again. I can't thank you enough!
  7. Ahhhhhh, sorry I misunderstood... it sounds like MJ is crashing, can you post your logs? Somebody here might be able to figure out what is going on. I have never experienced a problem like that, I've only had issues like that with MJ after a patch or when adding or removing various mods. It could be a MJ cfg problem but that is only a guess (each MJ ?ship? or is it ?part? has a cfg file in the dll config folder.). -Dead
  8. How are they added? As the separate MJ part, or by editing the cfg files? -Dead
  9. Did you un-dock from the rocket section that had the MechJeb part installed or did you update your part configs? If you use the MJ part then it sounds like you undocked from the part of the ship that had MJ on it. I *think* you could edit the .cfg for the command module on the ship you are still flying to add it back in (but I could be wrong there, I haven't tried doing it in flight). Good luck! -Dead
  10. Yes, MechJeb (and others I'm sure) does it as well, but when I run "pure" missions it's always missing my way-point that does me in. It just seems to me that it should be a built in function rather than a plug in. -Dead
  11. Many a mission has been ruined by overshooting way-points in accelerated time mode. Time acceleration should automatically halt at any way-point imho. -Dead
  12. With the stock parts we need to be able to change the cross-feed on any coupling device with an action group. Problem solved! Set an action group for your ready to launch setup and turn off any cross feed parts you don't want to cross feed. The only other option is a complex network of fuel pipes to achieve the same thing. Shouldn't any part attribute be settable with an action group or am I missing something here? I think you can get around this with the fuel management mod but that requires more parts, no? My station is laggy as it is.... -Dead
  13. About 5 minutes. Certainly less time than it took to download it. -Dead PS: Of note it was Robbaz(you tube link, nsfw coarse English as a second language) that turned me on to KSP. The Viking Space Program is hilarious.