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  1. Any chance you could make the LES PEBCAK based? I find it's a very nice standard for LES in a way, there's a lot of nice functionality.
  2. The orion capsule seems to have pretty low quality textures (they seem compressed or lossy), is that just because it's a dev release? The textures seem fine in the renders. Sweet stuff though, can't wait for the fairing/adapter.
  3. @benjee10 good work. Is there any chance you could change the manufacturer of the parts to something unique so they're a bit easier to find in the editor?
  4. I need help. I haven't been able to install and run MechJeb in 0.23.5. I have tried downloading the stable 2.2 build and the dev build 223 (with and without replacing the .dll). On the 2.2 stable build, I can see the mechjeb tab icon but when I click it, nothing pops up. On the dev build 223, I can't even see the tab icon. Thanks in advance.
  6. Not sure whether you're being sarcastic on the first statement... but yeah, the design itself is excellent, I've used it dozens of times and it's probably one of the most common, I just had never built an as-accurate-as-possible DIV Heavy... so why not?
  7. I remember seeing a tool under development that showed you exploded views of your vessels or cutaways (like this). I've been looking for it for the past 20 minutes and I can't seem to find it. Does anyone have a link?
  8. Yeah, I know, but I meant adjusting width and height individually, like on the interstage adapter.
  9. Yeah, the standard top fairings (not the inline ones).
  10. This has been suggested before, but dunno what your reply was. What about the ability to adjust radius, height and widths (base and top) separately, just like in adapters?