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  1. Has anyone managed to run KSP over SSH? What command should I use? If I try ./KSP.x86_64 I only get a brief flash of a black window which quickly disappears and nothing else happens. The output in the console is
  2. I'm not asking about the flare, I'd like to know if the sun is scaled up to match the real size like the rest of the planets. Because it doesn't look like it is.
  3. Why is the sun so small in RSS, as compared to the real life sun? Is it not scaled properly in game?
  4. I'm glad I found this thread, I'm doing some science measurements because I'm trying to restore Moho's atmosphere from 0.17. Here are the temperature profiles for stock Moho and Duna. I can see Duna's profile has some similarities to Kerbin's atmosphere.
  5. Thanks. I'm not really concerned by the visuals, just the physical effects.
  6. I couldn't find anything useful with the HazardOcean module, there were only two options, both unrelated to temperature.
  7. Thanks, I will check it out. The funny thing is, atmoshpereTemperatureMultiplier kind of worked once, I set it to 4.9. Then I got some freezes, reinstalled the mod, and to get the same effect as before I now had to set it to 3500. Then it stopped working again.
  8. I can't get atmoshpereTemperatureMultiplier to work. I want to restore Moho's atmosphere to what it was in 0.17. I enabled atmosphere and set atmoshpereTemperatureMultiplier to 1. The next time I load the game and switch to a vessel landed on Moho it displays a black screen and locks up. What's the problem? I am running 32bit KSP. Happens with no other mods installed. Here is the cfg that kittopia produces when I save the configuration: http://pastebin.com/DN9c5Ld3
  9. OK, this is the updated cfg: REALSOLARSYSTEM { Moho { atmosphere = true useLegacyAtmosphere = true atmosphereMultiplier = 0.005 atmosphereScaleHeight = 2 maxAtmosphereAltitude = 27640 temperatureCurve { // The units are km, °C, dK / dkm, next dK / dkm. key = 0. 500. 0. -20. key = 10. 300. -20. -17.0068027211 key = 27.64 0. -17.0068027211 0. } } } Pressure now works correctly, but temperature still doesn't work as it should.
  10. Thanks I'll try with your suggestions. atm/km is actually (atm2-atm1)/(km2-km1) between points 1 and 2. I don't think the atmosphere was visible, is AtmosphereFromGround{} just for visuals?
  11. I'm trying to restore Moho's atmosphere to pre-0.18 values with RSS. This is my config (atmosphereMultiplier = 1 so the atmosphere should be more noticeable and temperatureCurve values are just placeholders): REALSOLARSYSTEM { Moho { atmosphereMultiplier = 1 atmosphereScaleHeight = 2 maxAtmosphereAltitude = 27640 useLegacyAtmosphere = True temperatureCurve { // The units are km, °C, dK / dkm, next dK / dkm. key = 0. 500. -10000. -20. key = 10. 300. -20. -17.0068027211 key = 27.64 0. -17.0068027211 0. } Atmosphere
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