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  1. Arrows would be even better. I agree that the value isn't that important. I would prefer left/right facing arrows as the bar graph travels left/right. Even cooler would be if it could do something like one arrow (<) for "slow" (based on percentage/second) and two (<<) arrows for "fast". If you want to get crazy!
  2. v2.7.1.0 [0.23.5] Does not kill time warp or pause when timewarping from the (new) KSC or Tracking Station timewarps. The alarm message says, "Alarm paused game but has been unpaused." Steps to duplicate: 1) Start a new sandbox 2) Drop a command pod on the launch pad 3) Set an alarm with Pause Game selected (kerbin->moho transfer window is a good one at 8 days out) 4) Return to the space center 5) Accelerate time to the maximum
  3. Fantastic Add-on! Perhaps you could fix one of the issues with the stock display that has bothered me: The consumption level value. A number in parenthesis is a negative number. A number with a leading '-' character is a negative number. The resources display confusingly uses parenthesis for both positive and negative numbers. I know it's using parenthesis to mean parenthetical, but it's still confusing. You could replace the parenthesis with brackets (ex. [-2.55], [-], [2.55]), but it would be nicer if it were clearer that value is dropping or increasing. That tiny '-' character is easily mis
  4. I would love to have a part-less version of the engineer chip that only works in the VAB/Hanger. I don't want to keep the part on my ships as I don't need it in flight and don't want my save games to contain mods. That means I have to remember to put the part on while building and remember to remove it all the time before saving/launching. It would save some hassle to have it always available during construction without the part. Thank you!
  5. This is awesome! I went and bought a G19 just for this. Looking forward to seeing more info displays.
  6. If you want to add a modicum of professionalism to your forum posts, this is all you need to know about formal writing: TITLE ABSTRACT BODY SUMMARY The title is some flowery or catchy phrase which relates to the text. You might choose something like, "Advanced EVA Operations in Kerbal Space Program". In email and forum posts, you usually just take the subject from your title, which is why it's called 'subject', though the whole title is ok too. SUBJECT: EVA Operations The abstract is simply a statement of what the problem is or what the direction of the text is to take. Your posing a question
  7. I just want to remind people that it's ok for there to be (at least a few) single-player games.
  8. I have on several occasions wished that stack decouplers/separators had the option to become fuel cross-feed capable. It would be nice if fuel cross-feed could be toggled on/off like it can on the docking modules. It should of course default to not enabled so that they behave as they do now by default. It may seem odd, but there are times (e.g. Kethane rover, Eve lander) where I needed the payload to be empty of fuel after achieving Kerbin orbit, but wanting to use that fuel on the way up. Right now I use fuel lines to route fuel around the decoupler, but since you can't do this directly if yo
  9. Only stock and kethane. Here is the .craft file: http://pastebin.com/tDMbmjXf Maybe an issue with the probe body I chose?
  10. There appears to be a problem with the medium survey unit (0.7.4, 0.21). After upgrading KSP to 0.21 I removed all mods and saves to start with a clean slate. I installed Kethane 0.7.4 and built a small satellite with the medium survey unit. It is not flyable, it wants to nose dive into the ground. I removed the part and stuck the new small fuel tank in it's place as it has the same mass. On the Launchpad I disabled the fuel feed so that it kept its fuel (and mass). That flew perfectly fine. I then switched that out for the small survey unit and that flew fine too. So it doesn't appear to be m
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