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  1. How do you add two tails? I tell the thing to add 2 but it put one tail where I want it and the other under the wing instead of on the top.
  2. Both Kiss and KAS are in here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData Setting up a image file share site will take time I'm going out soon. The container, drill wrench are in gameplay I can add struts to the inventory and containers and attach a strut end to my ship that's in orbit but no option when I right click a strut. could this be broken by KW Rocketry which adds struts.
  3. I still cant right click and link a strut in KAS. There is no option when I right click it.
  4. Thanks for that tutorial I wasn't right click the struts after placing them and doing the link stuff thanks you're a great help I'll have a go. I'm not able to right click a strut to select link I attached it using X
  5. I cant manage to EVA add struts to strengthen my station in orbit. I can only add one end of a strut with this new version with the old version it was easy.
  6. It's a fantastic mod thanks for the update. It could just do with an on off switch so Mechjeb can warp.
  7. Thanks Markus the new version can be hidden
  8. Just did a test just WOW it adds a look of distance and that sun rise is fantastic. Just got ot get it compatible with EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements and KSP is then better than NASA.
  9. Does this mod work with toolbar I'm making a video of KSP and want to hid the whole UI. It's a great looking mod for realism thanks.
  10. Would it be possible for the lightbulb to un glow once it's been un activated in the future. Really like these engines they add eye candy too. Thanks
  11. A great thanks for this. Visuals are nothing without proper sound
  12. Dam I could of done with this for KSP. Maybe Squad can ad dof in the future.
  13. Which file is the high res version is it the 34Mb one? I'm presuming it is. Never mind Just installed the 34mb one and it works thanks