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  1. amonkd, I made a post on your kmw thread. the thread seemed kind of barren, last post was in august, so figured I'd follow up here in case you don't check it regularly.
  2. hey man, just wanted to let you know that the latest update of your multiwheels and race wheels are both trying to update the same file: "gamedata\kdufferskorp\race wheel\fe0_wheel.png". CKAN is throwing an error saying that the file belongs to one mod and is trying to be updated by a different mod that doesn't "own" the file, and it stopped at the first file that caused the conflict, so there could be more. And then a thought occurred to me... which one was the newer updated file? I didn't know, so if I did it manually, I wouldn't know if I was upgrading with the one mod, and then taking a
  3. today I ran into an issue where 2 different mod authors who both make several mods created updates to one of their mods that included updates to one of their other mods. CKAN called this out as a violation because the file to be updated didn't already belong the the mod package updating it. While this is an understandable safety feature, is it possible to override this feature and force the update to happen? If it isn't possible, can you add that in the next update, or create some sort of something that allows several mods to fall under the same owner? it seems that some authors are startin
  4. Jewel, can you look into getting this mod into the CKAN repository? Apparently CKAN won out against all the other mod managers, and it is so much easier to use. Benz
  5. Hey guys! So, I've been away for a while, deployed to Korea for 9 months, and I finally built a computer that can play KSP decently. What I wanted to ask is who is currently working on mechjeb? I know it was r4mon at some point, is he still working on it or did someone take over or step in to help out? I don't remember who all was working on it before I left. Benz P.S.: Does the current MechJeb work with 1.0.2? or should I get a development version, or just wait until it gets better?
  6. here's something else I noticed, when I tried to make a backup of the directory when it was .24 (the thought was to back it up just in case I wanted to bring the whole thing back for whatever reason), the backup utility didn't actually back up the root files (like the .exe's and other files) that were required to run the game. So when it suddenly updated to .25, I was dead in the water concerning trying to restore .24. Next time I will create an entirely different folder that is separate from Steam and try that.
  7. oh good, I wasn't the only one that saw that problem. good, I was starting to think it was only me...
  8. Oh, here is another bug that I noticed: Whenever I would do a right-click for the context menu (when all the mods were unchecked), and then select "check all mods", a large number of mods would only have the first check box checked (the root folder of the entire mod folder only). I would have to manually uncheck and recheck those mods to get the rest of the folder to become checked. While this may not be a big issue now, it is time consuming as I would spend a good amount of time trying to get those mods installed right. I'm also not entirely sure if the mods that said that they were instal
  9. so, would this be something like a database that KSP Mod Admin (or other programs) could access to keep mods up to date, something structured and ordered, non-chaotic (as it appears now)? Basically like linux when installing programs and their dependencies (as was mentioned earlier)? If so, that's awesome, finally some sense in the soup of madness!
  10. I have an idea: So, I noticed that when you select multiple items and right-click on them to do something (for me it's always 'reset directory', haven't tested for anything else), the action is only applied to the one you actually right-clicked on, not the other items you selected. When I'm trying to fix conflicts, I sometimes have to 'reset directory' for multiple files to stop them from showing up as conflicts. I like to try to get the actual mod instead of using what a modder packed along with his mod. For example: B9 uses Firespitter's dll, so I get the Firespitter mod, then 'reset dire
  11. well, I'm going to wait until PR15 comes out, that "check for conflicting folders by default" thing is messing me up, keep having to dig into the structure, to find out that the files in the folder are new files
  12. wow, this is awesome! I just have to ask though, does curse fit into this in any way? I'm imagining not. I did think it was kind of odd that squad jumped to curse, when there were already several other options lying about... ...or maybe not, I could just not have a clue as to what I'm talking about, that does happen from time to time
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