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  1. That's actually not the original repo and that's not me! Although it is the same code, but anyway you can have that in git history. But no problem, just clearing that up in case people try to contact shrx or something like that. Anyway, glad you got it working :-)
  2. " Your content will need to be approved by a moderator " That for sure is welcoming! lol @DMSP Haven't touched this code for a couple of years! bigorangemachine had taken over it, and haven't talked much with him since. Did bigorangemachine go MIA? BTW from other thread I think @linuxgurugamer was taking a look into it for a project @CobaltWolf has. Is there still some interest in this? If so and there is nobody else maintaining it, I might look into updating it, but no promises though.
  3. Nice to see people using it They are washed out on purpose (this was supposed to be adjustable using the UI knobs), but the outlines should be visible. Things don't render with outlines when the default shader has problems. Here's the description of the problem for the curious. The code was supposed to replace the original shaders with a working version, though, but it seems to no be working for that part (perhaps something changed in the new version).
  4. It allows you to do exploded views of your ship, among other things. There's a more complete description in the link to the source repository above! This what the exploded view looks like:
  5. Hi! A while ago I showed my WIP in reddit but since then I haven't been able to continue the development of it. As some people seemed to be interested in what I was doing, then I decided to release my code into the public domain (using the unlicense) so maybe someone takes some of it and makes something end-user-friendly out of it. Here's the repo: https://github.com/Kronal/ksp-kronalutils Thank you all!
  6. I love your work! Please add release dates to the changelog alongside version numbers :-)
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