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  1. Running Pathfinder 0.9.20 and can't get the Homestead IMM Mk2 to launch to orbit. Also cannot bring up the Manage Operations window. Have the debug window open in the screenshot linked below. What happens is the camera seems to divorce itself from tracking the current vessel as I'm on accent. Another error I've had is an absence of gravity affecting the vessel when I try to launch it. The rocket shoots straight up at lightning speed, leaving the root part (Homestead IMM Mk2) behind and undamaged. Mods Installed: USI Tools, Community Resource Pack, CST-100, Firespitter, KAS
  2. Question, does this mod support recycling or otherwise in-situ replacement of the Life Support resource? Say on a Duna Mission? Or would I have to bring enough Life Support to last the whole mission?
  3. Take a look at the Pathfinder mod.. ... it uses inflatable buildings, similar to what The Hab is in The Martian. I'm sure its not realistic to assemble all the pieces of hab canvas into a round building. However, you could make a central round hab structure, then have the 3 airlock ports on it, and have 3 separate airlocks to attach to it using KIS/KAS attachment or docking ports. Could also make the "Watney Kermin" killing comm tower (though that's easy enough with stock parts). One thing I've yet to see is a good set of solar panels that you can just place on the ground and con
  4. trying to sort out a viable setup to use USI's life support mod with Pathfinder, doesn't seem to be a greenhouse type part that supports "Supplies"? I saw the MM patch, but not too familiar with installing them...
  5. Ok, after installing Community Resource pack per @RoverDude, I'm now getting proper reading when I check life support status on the pad!
  6. I'm having difficulty getting USI-LS (life support) to function in KSP 1.1 (release). The supplies will not show up in the life support status window. It keeps telling me I have zero time left, zero supplies, but yet infinite time before the Kerbals will stop work. I'm only testing on the pad with a simple rocket before doing an actual launch. I've got Planetary Bases, Kerbal Engineer, and Mech Jeb 2 installed as well.
  7. Looking forward to having tracked rovers in KSP, keep up the good work!
  8. Your Kerbal Planetary Base System on Curse has a bad zip file, I've downloaded it twice and the file won't open.

  9. I would like to be able to mount this rover on a rocket to deploy it to the Mun or Duna, any good ideas for doing so? I'm having trouble finding the root part.
  10. Looks sweet, but some issues I'm running into. Partway through the 1st stage burn an FL-T200 fuel tank explodes due to overheating, causing loss of 1st and 2nd stages. I'm able to abort to ocean in most cases using 3rd stage, or barring that, activate the escape tower.
  11. This happened to me with a dream chaser style space plane. Launched it on a rocket, but after a free return trajectory around Mun. Upon re-entry and flying over KSC, the wings started sheering off piece by piece. The F3 log stated I'd collided with the launch pad, but I was like 2km up! I was able to save the plane... mostly (Just the crew capsule lol)...
  12. First thought was the Fantasticar from the "Fantastic Four" movie.
  13. Shuttle Akemi manages to safely return from a RTLS Abort while attempting to launch a second fuel pod. Let me tell you, her pilot was white knuckled during the whole abort, he forgot to open the fuel valves to the payload during the abort after jettisoning the ET. A bit later he remembered he still had a huge tank of fuel in back, just in time to save himself from crashing into the sea... Why an abort? Cause some klutz rested their feet on the staging controls in the KSC control room and remote separated the SRBs early. Edit: Successful RTLS Abort recorded on video.
  14. Thank you! I have yet to successfully perform a RTLS, but been working on it. If you watched the vid, that was with a fuel tank.
  15. For fictional spacecraft, I would definitely agree on Constellation Aquila from Star Citizen. Its one of the ships I'm most looking forward to acquiring in that game. Favorite movie spacecraft, I like ones that can transform, or have cool functions on them. I'm going to pick "Spaceballs 1". As for real life craft, I'd say the US space shuttle ranks highly on my list as well as the Apollo spacecraft. I think its sad we haven't had a manned spacecraft out of low Earth orbit in decades. I hope we see Duna, err Mars missions in my lifetime.
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