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  1. Keep meaning to post but keep forgetting, so real quick before I forget again: Great parts, actually, no - the best looking wings and fuselage pieces that I've seen available. I've made about 6 other pieces for the J series by rescaling part.cfg alone and made my own solution for the cargo bay size problem before noticing in the thread you were working on a replacement. I upscaled the standard cargo bay 10% and copied the mesh for use as an adapter/service bay by locking one of the node faces and rescaling the rest of the model down 10%. This gives me virtually infinite choice of adapter length without modifying the entire J series or breaking the aesthetics or other adapters like the Mk2 and only uses one additional mesh in memory, the rest is all done with part.cfg hacks. I had never used blender before and firing it up reminded me of firing up vi for the first time - That's saying a lot as I usually try to avoid anything that looks like work when I have some free time - I just really liked the form factor.. I even re-textured the lab and cockpit emissive to match my exterior light RGB settings Ran out of time and patience with UV mapping - Need resource other than YouTube and the inapplicable or semi-outdated, monolithic text-wall. I'll see about posting some screens or my cfg's if anyone wants them, not sure if I'm allowed to redistribute the mesh or textures though. In the mean time for anyone interested wanting more parts without actually creating them can use Better Science Lab's J series short lab for reference and I can vouch that 1-2m longitudinal axis J/K form factor modules including cargo bays and their animations work without issue. Also QuizTech Aero Mk2 pack contains a nifty little size1 to mk2 slanted adapter(not to mention some other amazing mk2 parts) that I've been finding some pretty cool uses for with these parts. Leon; Gotta add a counterbalance against the vocal screamjet-is-too-OP Nerf Hawks. I find it in keeping with the idea and spirit of the other parts and you explicitly state permission to edit if so desired. I digress - If you decide to change it, you can do so without losing what makes it so fun - which for me is the sudden oh-sh**-were-all-gonna-die spike in thrust. Just increasing the fuel flow multiplier and/or lowering machLimit(increases heat) can make everybody happy. Or just leave it alone and offer it as an MM patch so at least you won't have to hear about it anymore - whatever - My only gripe is I miss the previous versions particle FX
  2. Thanks, I've been adding MFT via MM configs but it's been distracting as I also have parts with fuelswitch but this saves me from having to maintain it any longer. I added a quick check against ModularFuelTanks and made everything get applied on the final pass(as it should) to avoid incompatibility and duplicates. fsFuelSwitch.cfg - publicly editable. Confirmed working on v1.0.4 with this engine wrecking modlist.json. +BDArmory and dev builds of others not listed (B9, D12).
  3. Not sure what exactly is broke about this mod in 1.0.4 but the exchanger and heatpipe work fine for me just as they did in the last version. I did have a problem with the radiators blowing up spontaneously but I had that issue in 1.0.2 and they are bunk anyway. I've been attaching heat sinks(Heat Management mod - simple stack node part with no modules but high thermal mass, etc) to reactors or hot engines and Atomic Age's static radiator's (ModuleActiveRadiator and which look awesome, especially when things get toasty). If I need to relocate radiators I'll swap a heat sink for a heat exchanger and run a heat pipe. Only issues I've ran into were time warping during reactor startup or me not paying attention.
  4. Still narrowing it down but has anyone else have entire AGM window grey out - everything except the buttons [R]- Show Recap, - Show Settings, and [X] - Close... Or a fix - Using Khatharr's v1.4.1 hotfix - You know where the block is for handling(or triggering) window toggling?
  5. Thanks! Actually installed it via CKAN, but I do still have the cached copy. Also, as to my original point, to clarify, it's my smaller planes that seem to be stiff - Heavy unstrutted builds fall apart as expected. From the var list i'm assuming you would try raising the minimum-part-mass-for-reinforcement one or would you know of something else I might try? Thanks again!
  6. I can't seem to find the more comprehensive definition list of the config.xml vars from years ago when I last played and used this mod. Was wanting to make my stuff fall apart a tad bit easier - believe it or not - under rapid g changes, etc. I miss the pinata effect and trying to land half a plane and pulling it off is so rewarding - but it's still a must have for my taller payloads - Just that var would be enough. Also, a suggestion: Add them in comments or on the main thread post so noone else will have to answer this again Thanks, -jb EDIT: n/m I should have checked the repo first - If anyone else wants these: Here you are
  7. I'm tempted to canibalize my Uno IR relay to try this out but I'd be losing a lot of work when I've got something similar done already in a terminal with kRPC in python. Which on that note, I found this which might help someone out especially if you're also a pyfan. It almost sounds like it was done by someone in this thread, anyone know?. Pretty cool resource: www.instructables.com/id/Interface-Python-and-Arduino-with-pySerial/
  8. Looks like ASET_Props.zip was packed with invalid encoding for ~10 different files "switch_B_Button01_C01.cfg" through "...10.cfg" in /ASET/ASET_Props/Control/switch_B_Button01/ If I view it it renders as "C" i.e. "name = switch_B_Button01_C01" however this is not actually "C" it's 2 byte character (0x d0a1) which according to Google is the Cyrilic letter "ES" and just so happens to look like an ASCII letter "C". This wasn't a problem for me but has been for other people depending on their environement and how they launch KSP. Just FYI. Also in regards to CKAN questions. I only noticed this because CKAN spazzed out when checking for manually installed mods - lol
  9. It looks like I can specify my own font for pages - I was looking into then got distracted reading a Valve whitepaper so I I'll just ask before commiting any more time on it. I'm tempted to just copy one of the texture array files and overlay a custom character then just reference the font in the RPM test/greeter page. On a side note, that whitepaper is a good dev read.
  10. Have a small issue with b9 intakes, the inner/darkened section is now white/washed-out. Can I blacklist certain textures as a workaround? N/m found it 24 pages back. Not sure if this is located somewhere else but it would have been nice if this was was easier to find.
  11. I love the design of the MFD and the text display and layout, do you nor Mihara not accept donations? I know some serious work went into this and wouldn't mind donating. IMO this should be included into stock come the big IVA rework patch.
  12. I love the design of the MFD and the text display and layout, do you nor alexustas not accept donations? I know some serious work went into this and wouldn't mind donating. IMO this should be included into stock come the big IVA rework patch.
  13. Is there a workaround for IntakeAtm being completely non existent? Edit: I got it working, some weird bug... ahh screw it no one cares anyway Lethal dose? If you stuck one of those Kerbals inside an empty reactor it would run just fine, till it melted the reactor wall.
  14. Oh? I don't see any setting for it but I found a rapier.cfg file looks like a MM config for modding sabre and turbofan engines to have heat, will rm and post if it works. EDIT: Yeah that fixed the engine efficiency but something else was causing the engine to explode when switching fuels
  15. Yeah, I've blown mine up instantly twice already on accident from just switching fuel modes. Still managed to glide land it tho. Not really clear on what you're asking but if you mean to add the capability to mine to other parts then yeah you just add the applicable FNModuleResourceExtraction module from the ISRU part.cfg to the part.cfg of the new part you wish to have mining capability.
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