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  1. Well, where ever it is, blind flying around isn't finding this one. I managed it with 3 other bases around Kerbin, but I've flown all over that northwest region, and I guess I just haven't gotten close enough for it to be visible. I'll just have to wait till I get far enough along in my tech tree to unlock SCANsat's anomaly scanner and see what it finds, then try and fly to it.
  2. @severedsolo Are you currently aware of any conflicts with Kerbal Konstructs and/or Kerbinside remastered in regards to how Bureaucracy's custom barn configs for 5 upgrade levels of buildings works? I decided to install Kerbinside remastered for my new save, and after I got a couple of buildings upgraded to level 2, I noticed they had the visual appearance as If they had reached Level 3. {level 2 buildings still retain the level 1 look} I looked through the KK and Kerbinside folders and didn't see any custom barn configs that might conflict or change anything, but I don't know if anything else might do it. I only noticed a few minutes ago, and haven't really gotten any farther than noticing the apparent visual oddity, which might be completely normal with how KK and KSR add and effect buildings and bases. I haven't seen any gameplay affecting issues, so I don't really mean for this to be a bug report, just wanted to ask if you had any insight. I'm entirely too exhausted to do any more in detail testing tonight, but I will over the next couple of days, unless you know what's up.
  3. @Eskandare I copied my Kerbinside folder out of my install, then did a clean reinstall of the mod, and nothing worked all the buildings were gone, just empty flat spaces. So I put my old kerbinside folder back in my install, and everything was back, and the base now costs the "correct" amount of funds to open. I have no idea what changed.
  4. Ah okay. too bad, will keep my eye on it though.
  5. Oh, that's cool. I use a Corsair K95 platinum, will that work with mine? Is it any RGB keyboard?
  6. @Niami Sorry if I'm being stupid, but what exactly does this do?
  7. @Eskandare Would there be any reason you can think of that the open base cost for an installation would drop to 5 funds, or .5 funds? I'm not sure which it is, screenshot below. I've landed and this airbase a few times to refuel and it's never been this cheap, I had just landed at another airbase before flying here, and it's open cost was about 555,000 funds if i remember right, I haven't added any mods since the last time I landed here. I'm going to try re-installing Kerbinside tomorrow just to see if that changes anything, unless you can explain what's going on here.
  8. @linuxgurugamer How would I go about telling a mod to use the toolbar interface? I tried clicking here: "Are you a plugin author and would like to use the Toolbar Plugin? Please head over to the development thread which has all the info you need." But that link appears to be dead. One of the mods I'd like to have assigned to the toolbar, so I don't have to go hunting in the stock toolbar in a quick reaction situation, doesn't seem to recognize the toolbar mod, and I get no option to add it there, so I thought I'd try to see what would be needed to modify it to use it, for my own game, assuming it's not above my ability level.
  9. I think my 32 GBs just melted looking at that list, and the extra 16 sitting on my self not installed yet just ran out the door screaming in terror. {waiting on a smaller processor cooler, 'cause the one I got is blocking a ram slot}
  10. anomaly coordinate discussion behind spoiler, and image that shows some discovered items. Don't look if you don't want to know.
  11. @Eskandare So i have a question, scansat shows a landmass very similar in appearance to the Kerman atoll here: Yet on arrival at the coordinates, there is nothing but water. Is this a bug with Kerbinside, or a bug of some sort with SCANsat? should there be something there, or not?
  12. Oh well, i already did it, and the hired kerbal is completely uncontrollable. when in a craft or chair his portrait is nothing but static, and if you get him out of a external chair he stands there looking around blankly.
  13. To be honest I didn't try launching with the one i hired by mistake, i backed out of the launch, because I wan't 100% sure what had just happened, and where this extra kerbal i didn't recognize had come from, and went to the astronaut complex to check and realized I had an extra kerbal over my limit and then realized what had happened. I can pop a quicksave here in a moment and test that though.
  14. I also have a somewhat lingering grudge against b9 partswitch {I'm mostly over it now and don't mind using it} from my early mod using days, and realistically, I don't think it was b9 partswitcher's fault directly, I just blamed it, at the time. there used to be a number of mods that I liked to use, that i have long since abandoned, but those mods seemed to directly conflict with b9 in random and unpredictable ways. i remember that it took me a long time, and quite a few lost saves to figure out that if i removed b9 partswitch from my install the problems went away. I know for a long time any mod that had b9 partswitch as a dependencies instantly went onto my not going to touch list. I'm slowly come around though. It's perfectly okay to have a personal dislike of a mod, or a mod's functionality. Calling a mod that, objectively, works a piece of crap isn't really fair, and I say that as someone who said the same things oh so long ago. And for clarity sake, I don't mean this post as any sort of personal attack, or insult, so my apologies if it comes across as such. I meant it only as sharing my own personal history with a the mod, and perhaps a slightly guilt fueled defense of a mod I once judged too harshly myself. It's okay to dislike a mod, but it's also important to remember someone worked hard on it, it was, probably at one time {or still is} someone's passion project, they {likely} didn't get paid to make it. They put their hard work into it, and having hearing {or seeing} someone bluntly saw hey this is crap, is kind of harsh. Sorry, again, I don't mean this post as any personal attack, or attempt to insult anyone. Kindness and consideration for other's feelings is important to me.