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  1. @Caerfinon Possible bug with navy cert 1, if you do the mission and get as far as recovering the stranded kerbal, then crash your helicopter while trying to lift off the water to head back to base the mission fails. At this point I noticed that both the observer, Darlene Kerman, and the stranded kerbal, Molo, where in my pilot roster and hadn't vanished back into the void from whence they spawned. I retook the mission, and the contract seems to fail to realize that I've reached the target zone and doesn't acknowledge that I have the rescue kerbal on my craft. EDIT: after I successf
  2. Would appreciate that, before I go drop a bug report on the part or something. Won't bother if it's just happening for me.
  3. Hey, @Caerfinon Just because I know you use airplane plus, have you ever tried attaching anything to the size 1 100KE Auxillary power engine? I thought it'd make a nice tail section for my helicopter, as it's generally tail shaped and produces electricity, which my helicopter needed, but I have found that attaching parts to it, saving the craft, and leaving the editor, ie launching, or coming back in and reloading the craft, ends up placing those parts to the far right front of the craft, magically attached by invisible... something? I'm just wondering if you can reproduce, or if it's just on
  4. I'll check it out later, but for now, I've managed a rough basic helicopter of my own. Mechjeb is able to control the slight roll and pitch issues, and vertical velocity controller I can keep it in the air and stop it from crashing, so I'm making progress. Needs more energy production though.
  5. yep I have that. Been trying to make a helicopter out of those parts for a while now. got one that will stay in the air, and is mostly stable. Has a small problem of a persistant slow roll to the left, and a constant slow pitch up, which I can't figure out how to stop.
  6. I can't even load it into the editor to remove or add parts. it just plain says unable to load and leaves me looking at an empty hangar.
  7. So I tried downloading and using this, but it's throwing all sorts of missing module errors and won't load, including, CN constellation antenna module, RCS landing aid module, module motion detector, USI_Module reyclceable part, and others. List was quite long. I don't even know what mods some of these modules come from.
  8. Yeah I know I can cheat it, and I've done so with other contracts, but only as a last resort, or for things I actually did but the contract didn't complete, like I did a mission but it wasn't a new vessel so it didn't count. I want to keep trying and make this work. I've grabbed TCA to add to my install. will see if that helps.
  9. I say helicopter, but I mean any VTOL craft really, I don't understand how to build something that doesn't get wildly unstable as fuel is consumed, that or they get this weird roll to them so they roll over then plow themselves into the ground. I used to have problems with planes, couldn't make them fly at all, until I found one of Scott Manley's videos on how to make them in KSP, and the way he explained stuff finally flipped the switch in my brain and I could finally process it. I'm autistic, and sometimes have trouble learning things, if the information isn't presented just so, and I've not
  10. I can not get a stable helicopter built for the navy certification to save my life.
  11. No I dropped kerbalism for a few reasons, I don't know what part info is?
  12. Hm... no runway..... No problem. Just because I wondered if I could.
  13. Apparently I'm blind also, I read the first post before asking, and missed that completely.
  14. Ah, there we go, was actually alt-right click, but wouldn't have thought to try without that hint. Thanks, glad I asked.
  15. I'm not interested in perma-pruning individual parts, but is there a way to filter out and hide individual parts instead of entire mod sets? If I've got 13 [maybe? haven't actually counted how many there are] airplane propellers all added by Airplane plus, and I want to soft hide 6 of them but still see the other parts of that mod, is that possible? So far all I've managed is find is to hide an entire mod, or not. I'm guessing this isn't a thing, but I won't know unless I ask.
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