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  1. KJR doesn't seem to be the problem, because I haven't installed it and the Freyja Capsule just clips right trough the Service Module.
  2. Another, yet awesome, bug found. If you have action keys assigned for your Alcubrierre Drive, you can increase your Warp speed by that number (while in warp, ofcourse) and decrease it by that number. So far so good, but what would happen when you hit the action key for "Deactivate Reactor? Nothing? No! The Alcubrierre Drive decides to go prograde and after hitting the keys often enough, the orbit tends to have a... weird shape. Like from equatorial to polar or something. (Could be the fault of my ship going a little bit astray from the course^^). But the worst thing: this one costs nothin
  3. Actually, I think you could give Kerbals anything with the slightest tendency to explode, and they would want to pla.., er, experiment with it... xD
  4. Awesome work, Devo! The Pegasus' are pretty nice, although the SAS still seems to be the old one. (At least with the Craft-Files you have included) Greetings
  5. Could you make the TWR and ISP of the nuclear reactors a little bit more interesting? I thought about to build a probe with the smallest parts, although relativly efficient (okay no, still 1/2 less efficient than the stock nuclear engine) it delivers nearly zero thrust. The biggest one works, but... It's simply too large for a probe. (I think it's intended, although it would be awesome). But as a source of power, the nuclear reactors work fine. And could you explain how to read your Magnetospheric Probe? I have no idea. :/ Greetings, Khoal
  6. Very nice mod! I set this, in a nice spot I think, up. Needs to be expanded, though. Here are some bugs I noticed (I know that this is an early release): 1) The Thermic Rocket Nozzle works without a working reactor (no antimatter on the craft) - simply use action keys to release the Launch Clamps, fire the engine manually and you are good to go.. almost. The craft then has a huge tendency to go sideways if given any input, straight up works fine. (If you hit the staging button everything goes back to normal) 2) The Braytons produce energy without a working reactor (no thermic energy, of cour
  7. I don't really understand the problem, I launched a 43 tons payload and landed it safely on the mun (at the third time.. was going way to fast, damn nuclear rockets...): Flew perfectly fine, the only, real, problem was that the spaceplane hangar ****ed my struts and fuel lines up, not funny to refuel rockets while moving... Jeb and Bill died because of a lack of fuel; the screenshot though was taken afterwards... I detected some zombies o.O Ps: Sorry for the large image...
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