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  1. Am I correct in understanding that there are no H-sized cockpits or even adapters? If so I'm confused on how would I use the H parts for building a plane. Also, don't you think that OPT engines are rather overpowered? I'd suggest increasing their mass to off-set their insane atmospheric efficiency and/or increasing their price in Career mode.
  2. Maybe add it on the main post as a recommended mod, until you figure out how to stop KSP from freaking out on those parts.
  3. The problem was already solved - the files from SpaceDock which I downloaded without checking the version (you should either update the file there or remove the download lonk from the first post) did not contain CommunityResource folder, and the lack of it was causing the crashes.
  4. I was going to report the same issue but the offending part was Deployment Bay. WorldStabilizer indeed solves it.
  5. Hello. I recal there was an engine capable of working during time-warp, but I can't seem to find it now. Is it still in the mod? What's it's name?
  6. Great! Wish I didn't break my save right after completing a full production colony on Minmus. but still great!
  7. Download links to CurseForge are unavailable. Please address the issue. If someone has the latest version of the mod on their hands and could upload it somewhere until the author can fix the links I'd be very grateful.
  8. Wait for Allista's update of the mod for 1.4.1 or roll back to 1.3.1.
  9. I see, thanks. I'll have to use TAC Fuel Balancer as a workaround for now then.
  10. I'm running into a problem: KAS Connection Port won't allow fuel transfer. Here, two tanks are connected directly but fuel can't be moved. Any ideas why?
  11. I'm having issues with T-Credits - for some reason it says that Liquid Fuel is lacking, even though there is a reasonable supply of it on the colony. Or should a fuel tank be connected directly to the Logistics module for that to work?
  12. For me it shows the time Supplies would last without recycling, but as the time goes on this number does not change, as the Supplies are being replenished.
  13. Got that, thanks. One more (hopefuly final) thing - life-support window doesn't show the actual time the supplies will last while being recycled by Nom-O-Matics, and the only way to see that is in VAB or to calculate it manually?
  14. I am confused again: in Life Support menu un-focused wessels seem to just run out of Electric Charge, regardless of how much they generate, or if they store more than 6 hours worth of EC.
  15. Since we are doing newbie questions here let me add another: how do you do stuff with Lodes? Do I need to build a rover-miner with horizontally oriented drills to be able to stick said drills into the lode? Or how do I even determine what kind of a resource a lode contains? It just says ResourceLode as a resource.