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  1. Yes they are supposed to. Delete everything related to this mod and re install this mod using forum download links. Ä°f that does not work, delete everything, clean re install. Add this mod first, check if it works then install your other mods. if the mod works after that you are good, if it doesnt something you installed later is screwing with it. Why bother with all this? becouse mostly once something went wrong or some file corrupted, even if you delete , re install this and other mods it may not get fixed at all. KSP filing system could use a rework but i doubt we'll get one after you kn
  2. im pretty certain you can use your imagination and in 30 seconds youll see im right.
  3. well in ksp you dont do flying within safety limits do you? Well i dont, you might, if thats the case you are playing it wrong
  4. to be honest i dont use any of those mods like real fuel mft or ifs. But i suppose i can speak for some if not all for those who dont get into very complicated game changing mods: Keep it as simple as possible but easly useable to a wider audiance. That means, dont flood the part list with duplicate of each part, but if you can just add a switch fuel button to fuel tanks so it just cycles trough evreything from stock to interstellar or real fuel options, similar to firespitter. KSP has enough parts everywhere now with lots of mods and i believe it would be better if we focus on making those pa
  5. its probably firespitter, that mod makes some problems for me in game stabilty so dont use it. I dont have any opitons to change fuel options. Re install firspitter or its DLL files . and btw: i cant wait for the new update it looks awesome!
  6. Personelly i dont care for the realism part, and ill reject the "balance" updates. KSP is a simulator game but with mor emphasis on the fun. Some people may seek fun in realism, but i dont.
  7. do you have any more wings avaliable that we can build together? if not in this update as a surprise , but next ones? One of the most enjoyable mods i have s o far. btw which engines are those in the screenshots?
  8. i have stock atmosphere and this mod , i find that there are almost no drag all the way down to 10km in re entery and lots of drag below, so much that planes that are lightest and the best lift force cant glide. But never encountered your problem. Perhaps your files descriptions on how to behave in stock atmosphere are corrupted, do a clean re install with a clean ksp without mods and stock atmosphere see if it continues. See if it happens with non-OPT planes. etc
  9. for the next versions could we revise turboramjet and turboram intake combo? my plane of 85 tons ran 2.265 (orbital) velocity without engine failure on 22 km altitude even 0.6 intake value left. i ran engines on full power. bumb: "j inline docking still weird, it is always open, i cant close it, i cant right click it when i set up hotkey"
  10. it works in 1.04 as i just tested , excelent work again. But i have a question, can someone explain to me what does the option of conservation do? you can chose velocity or angular momentum but i didnt see much clear difference both just moves you arround without dV. I dont need much of technicals or paper after paper of definitons just a simple english writing of what it does. Thanks.
  11. i was expecting something like deep impact mission on an asteroid with cool effects and destruction, not a simple needle, crash and insta science. I suppose some more can be added later on so ill follow whats up for now but avoid in its current state.
  12. Hey uh i ws checking install file after some other mod corrupted the j inline docking parts tweakables, i re installed it fine but it says there would be "ships" file here, i cant find em, obviously they were removed from previous versions but any chance i can get em? i like pre made ships as they sometimes give good ideas. edit: j inline docking still weird, it is always open, i cant close it, i cant right click it when i set up hotkeys. Also how do you do the science in science bay? Electricty+4 kerbals = data? Could use more info Thanks for the awesome mod so far having tons of fun with new
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