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  1. I know, my friends always made fun of my for playing it. That was until i got 98% in the space and gravity part of my physics course. After that they all asked me how to play it.
  2. Man, i was gonna like one of your posts but then i saw your reputation count and didn't want to ruin it. :D

  3. Am i allowed to report a post if it is using Comic Sans?
  4. Dude, I have always wanted this! I installed a mod a while back that let you slo-mo and pause and it was glorious. I will try find it. Give me a moment. Here it is : I have no idea if it works in the current version though. Having stock slo motion would be a great addition.
  5. I never let a kerbal leave the Kerbin system without at least two other companions. (Who wants to drift in space forever by them selves, eh?)
  6. Uhhh, no flight again today. Too windy. I got in the plane, started engines, did taxi checks and then... Tower called to say the windspeed at 2000ft had increased so my instructor said there was no point in going. Oh well. I didn't have to pay for anything at least. Also i got my eye report and i have -3 diopter which is well within the limit of -6. =) That was my biggest worry gone now.
  7. Uh, i put on a santa hat! HO HO HO.
  8. I think this would be awesome to have in however i think it is unrealistic to expect it. I would be happy with clouds that don't actually do anything except look good. I think weather would be good for the reasons you mentioned (weather satellite contracts, unknown weather on distant planets ect.) but as you say it would be a huge undertaking and would probably take up a whole update and then take a couple more updates to patch and to get it 'RIGHT'. But hey, its nearly Christmas. We can ask right?
  9. Hey thank for the words of encouragement. I have been playing plane games and simulators long before i started flying so i am already used to the instruments. The biggest difference i really notice are the forces you feel. I think i have a pretty good idea what kerbals experience when you do even a 3g turn or negative g maneuver with them. I felt quite sick when i first started but in my last lesson i felt nothing so i guess i am getting used to it. As for what i have covered so far, i have done spiral dives (best thing ever!) and slow flight. But i have not done stalls yet. My next lesson is on flying level at high speeds. And finally, of course i am having fun! It is the best experience of my life so far. I look forwards to every Wednesday and i have become sort of obsessed with checking the weather for that day. (forecast for rain this week) Well, i will let you guys know how it goes if i fly. Also i am interested if any one is doing flight training currently also and how it is going for them.
  10. Hey, thanks man. I appreciate your advise. So far i have had 5 lessons and so far so good. I really like my instructor. He lets me do pretty much everything. I did my first take off and landing on my fourth flight which i was surprised he let me do. I think i got really lucky because some of my friends who go to the same flying school with different instructors say that after the 5th lesson they still are not doing much as their instructor has full control until they practice the specific activity on the lesson. On my sixth lesson, my instructor said i will be responsible for the radio as well!. This wheel seems easy enough to use. I have got the hang of multiplication and conversions but it will take some time to learn. (PS. At the time of writing the OP i did not realise what glass cockpit actually meant. It does not have computerized displays at all. What i meant was it had big windows around the cockpit XD ) 8K 144FPS no problem.
  11. Ha ha, None of my kerbals stay alive long enough for me to get attached to them!
  12. Gets a taco Inserts a vending machine
  13. I have a rooster call. It is annoying enough to make me wake up.
  14. Today i received this flight ''computer''. It will take some learning....
  15. Nah, I have in the past but i like to fly totally crazy designs so i usually stick with stock atmosphere. (I only started flying a couple of months ago, i am no expert)
  16. I fly planes in real life and KSP is not THAT bad. I like flying planes in KSP, sometimes i do it more than building rockets. If you don't like the stock atmosphere i recommend you get FAR once it is updated. Also i wouldn't expect any plane in KSP to fly like one in real life. IRL people spend years designing planes for specific purposes but in KSP you build a plane in under and hour out of pre-made parts. While the aerodynamics are not the best, surely you can't expect such an experience as in FSX which uses planes that have been designed and made IRL.
  17. It sounds like a really cool game. I just wish one existed. Sort of like the old Star wars galaxies (i think it was called). That game was so good, you could join the faction you wanted. It is quite like how you described but i think they took it down now.
  18. I agree. I think KSP really needs its own soundtrack. I feel like games that don't have people talking such as KSP need a good and varied sound track or else the player just ends up getting bored/annoyed with the limited music. I think the current KSP sound tracks are not bad but there are just too few of them so we end up hearing the same thing over and over. Good music can really add an extra layer or two into the enjoyably.
  19. I am not sure what to nominate it for. I don't think any of the awards apply to KSP but i still feel KSP is deserving of an award. Shall we all nominate it for the 'make your own award' category? How about 'The most destructively, constructive game award' I can't think of any good ones but i am sure some one else can.
  20. Hey sorry if i did something wrong. I just thought the atmosphere looked really good in the video, which seems to be made in Orbiter, and wish it was also in KSP. I did not mean to be 'selfish'.
  21. @SQUAD please make the atmosphere of Kerbin look as good as the atmosphere from Orbiter. PLEASE!
  22. This is because many people asked for water and submarine parts in stock KSP. This is what you get!
  23. The forum just went off line for everyone, right?
  24. 10/10 I do believe that you abide by the Newtonian Laws.
  25. Uhh, looking at that bar at the bottom, i think it might be safe to say, you might have some mod conflicts and/or out of date mods.