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  1. I just got into the game and there are so many new parts groups! No more massive utility group. Thanks SQUAD. I am going to end my post here and go play KSP 1.2 now. See you in about 12 hours guys!
  2. Yey my download is done! Also question to a mod. How come the forums didn't crash this time? Is it because of better forum infrastructure or because there was less 'hype'?
  3. That as well. But it is because i thought 1.2 was out today but alas we must wait more time.
  4. It's more what has not happened...KSP 1.2 was not released!!!!!! (sorry you had a bad day)
  5. As for today ...... i think we all have some harsh words for today.....
  6. I have got like 30 in the past month. Ah well. It is only 'likes' and i like my own posts.
  7. So far i have learned that there is much more to flying planes than just flying planes.
  8. Well i am in camp 4 ''These forums used to be a nice place. What happened? What, 8 people left? Oh no. I wish them well in the future. Excited for 1.2 and beyond. Things will be back to normal soon. '' Come over and join me there is plenty of space in camp 4.
  9. Every now and then, this thread needs a bump. Now is one of those times. Please be nice guys and read the OP.
  10. I think at the start no one was really too bothered about the effect that them guys leaving would have, but after a while a few people started panicking and it had a sort of snowball effect until the very nature of the universe itself was in question. I am glad things are clearing up.
  11. The page before this.... @nestor's post
  12. I don't mean to derail this thread but.. .@nestor says 1.3 is in the works! http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/149361-what-facts-do-we-know-about-the-devs-leaving/&page=9#comment-2790590
  13. Guys guys,,,, 1.3 confirmed!!!!!!!!
  14. Ineffective??!!! You take that back!!!! @Martian Music Nice name.