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  1. Every way possible, however it seems he some how is resurrected and sneaks into my next mission...
  2. I noticed that when i launched KSP through steam it starts in the 32bit version. I know that i can use the 64bit version by going to the executable but does any one know if i can change the steam launch button to play the 64bit version?
  3. Don't bother just getting steam just for the stream thing. It's quite horrible. The latency is not too bad but the resolution just messes it up for me. If you have got two of the same resolution screens it should be on though. I got it on steam mainly because of the auto update (also it was on offer) í ½í¸Å
  4. My house is on fire; I'm not sure if I I should get out or if I should stay waiting for 0.24. Hmm...
  5. Does any one know if parts will still be deleted once they are 2.5km away because if so it will be quite difficult to retrieve spent launch stages.
  6. Trip to all of Jools moons. Safely returned to Kerbin. A nice 25G re entry. Closing down to 2000m. Deploy shoots, realise I forgot the shoots -*Punches screen*-
  7. A1: Its useful for balancing rockets; ever tried to build a shuttle? It can help with having enough thrust to keep your rocket up right but not tip over. A2: It looks quite dark to me, Maybe its your monitor. I had a problem with mine where it was too dark. All i did was change the gamma and it worked. P.S Have you used a modded celestial sphere becuase it looks alot cooler than mine, if so could you send me a Link?
  8. OK thanks. I suppose it was just a one off thing.
  9. Um I made an SSTO. I got into orbit and then sent out Jeb on EVA. When i returned Jeb stayed on the ladder outside but there was also one on the inside. Here are some screen shots. http://imgur.com/a/NRmgj The only mods are KAS and Crew manifest. Any ideas?
  10. Maybe you had it on the wrong resolution before, but this restored it to default.
  11. Wow, totally priceless. Just like parts in KSP...
  12. Here is some inspiration to keep you all going.
  13. Im having a problem. I can't see any of the mechjeb parts.i installed the new version of mechjeb. I unzipped it and then put the file into game data. I dont have any other version of mechjeb installed. Have i installed it correctly?
  14. Im having a problem where i cant see any of the parts of Mechjeb. I installed 2.0.9 into the game data folder in kerbalspace program. I have no other mechjeb version installed and no other addons. There are only 3 files in the folder MechJeb2_AR202. Am i missing some thing or have i installed it wrong?