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  1. Interestingly enough, if you look at the source, Ampyear is based around the Fusebox core. Next up I need to make sure my dev environment is current.
  2. Still not great but coming back to this may help take my mind off things. Reading through the dev blogs, it seems I would have been rewriting again anyway as they're overhauling the resource system anew in 1.2. I've got the pre-release and I'll poke about a bit. No promises but I'll keep you informed.
  3. It wasn't one of the historic craft I'm afraid, just that one engine used. That came very close to working. I still have 4 flights failing (the debris doesn't matter of course) saying that liquidEngine2-2 is missing. But that cannot be right, that would be the Poodle missing. Found it, the soviet conversion mod removes the poodle for some reason. I've put it back for now. Once I have these missions finished I can back the 3 changes out so the save doesn't die the same way next update. Thanks for your help chaps.
  4. That helped yes but now it wants an ALV.Engine.B - also Tantares. If you could get me a link/copy to the 15.5 which kerbiloid mentioned I should be able to load the save thanks.
  5. Thanks for that information. Hopefully one of the two chaps who answered earlier will have one of those archived and can send me a link,
  6. Can you dig in the v25.2 and see if it has a part called Vega_Node_B please? If it does then yes, I could use a copy.
  7. Great. I can't find a version number but I found Tantares – Stockalike Soyuz & More Mod For KSP 1.0.4 from September 2015 as a link to Kerbalstuff. That would be around the right time frame for the correct zip. If you can take the time, it should have a Vega_node_b.cfg in it somewhere.
  8. Yes I found the dead end links to Kerbalstuff, pity that. Did you mean to put a link in there somewhere? Or what site do you mean with 'here'? Ta
  9. Beale, do you have older versions of Tantares still? I'm trying to recover a save from 1.0.4 which used a part called Vega.Node.B which seems to have been replaced in the newer versions. I've downloaded and searched all the older versions of Tantares I can find but they don't have it and nothing before December 2015 is available. I'd just like to load the craft file again so I can replace the part. Plus not having my main deep space RT sats vanish would be cool.
  10. I can get this to let me launch from the desert sites with the latest KK but is the KSC supposed to change or is that it? When I set a launch to go from Kosmodrome, all I can see panning the view around is the 3 platforms, no buildings.
  11. Yep, a couple of things missing. My deep space network sats went pfut but most things survived. The contracts can often be the biggest problem (I've converted old saves before), alt-f12, complete everything then exit and restart. Usually clears the mess up. I'll just have to redesign and launch the deep space dish carriers but it keeps all the tech/money/rep.
  12. Thanks, I enjoyed this last year and have had that save on hold hoping there would be an update. Now to see if it'll load.
  13. Is there some way to manually fix KCT saved data? I updated my RP-0 save that uses KCT today and it's 'forgotten' the pad upgrade I did. It's also showing the 48 tech upgrades but doesn't show them as being used (the rate is 0.1). I had a ship in building too when I last played but when I warp to the date it finishes it just vanished from the queue.
  14. I've been busy with some health issues and 1.1.3 is due out soon anyway. As the man said, patience, it'll come.
  15. Yes, it's the position which causes the runway start to clip inside terrain. I moved it a touch to the east and brought it back to 177 to get it away from the hillside. If I launch a plane now I can take off (wheel problem notwithstanding).
  16. Setting fr_kourou as the launch site has the start of the runway where planes are placed too low - they are inside the ground. I've lifted it to repositionRadiusOffset = 182 and it is placing them on the surface now. My X1 attempt still spins in circles but I'm assuming that's a wheel bug of some sort.
  17. Read further back. I'm doing a full rewrite. Currently on hold until KSP settles down Going on past experience I'd say another patch or two may be coming to 1.1.X
  18. I assume you're not using blizzy's toolbar, clicking the top bar should minimize it. With 1.1 though all bets are off (it probably won't even load).
  19. Not the numbers from the config file but from the in memory image of the part when it's in your ship. Basically Fusebox says: yo KSP, give me a list of pointers to all the parts in this current ship. Then armed with the list it knocks at each one and asks questions about charge: do you store any? If yes how much and what have you got right now. Then it tries to find out if the part uses charge, how much and is it doing it right now. That's where the problems hit. If the mod uses the standard part module parameters like RT, it can answer right off the bat. If it's an extension of the standard part module like SCANsat then it has to create one and copy data to it in order to query it. That's where it has to call the SCANsat library and say 'Hey, just how do I build one of your part extensions?' The new version should be able to simply skip the door to door survey and spy on their electricity meters without them knowing. I'm glad you like Fusebox but don't hold your breath for v2, it's going to take some time to get this going. I'll keep the thread briefed with milestones so you know I haven't given up.
  20. Scansat I had to query the DLL functions for information, so every time they did a new release it broke yes. RT on the other had was in the part config which I could read off in game after a part was instantiated, no recompile required. Curiosity satisfied?
  21. The good news is that after a peek into the pre-release KSP libraries, I think it should be possible at last to do this mod the way I've wanted. That is they've implemented the resource request code in a way so that mods can intercept calls, use the information as desired and pass the call on so it can be satisfied. That means Fusebox in flight mode can show what everything is actually doing rather than show what the parts say they will do. If the new UI code allows it, I'll be able to show a real time list of charge parts and exact numbers. The VAB is going to still have to be guesswork though. If the flight simulator mod gets ported I'll look into using that to allow sims from the VAB to check the numbers - flight mode is going to be where it's at for getting accurate stats.
  22. What mods are you using and can you link the craft file? Mods should only be relevant if they're parts the craft uses.
  23. The pod contains reaction wheels, those when active use EC. To show the possible maximum usage, reaction wheel activation is added to the pods EC use. Open filters and turn off the reaction wheels, the output will change. Of course the wheels are not always on but if it's wasn't shown it would be hiding an EC drain you might not know about. The in flight drain display will only show the wheel drain if they are actually being used. The other possibility is if you're using TACLS, that adds a constant drain to all pods. You don't say what mods you have. The VAB display is as the OP says, a best estimation. It doesn't show the actual running totals because the craft is not actually running. Once 1.1 is here and the mod is working again I had planned to look at adding support for the flight sim mod so you could build something then do a 'flight simulation' to see how it pans out in reality. The in flight readings will always be more accurate as they are coming from a live craft.
  24. Updates were planned but Factorio happened. With 1.1 in experimentals and a full rewrite on the cards when that comes out, I'm afraid it's a case of use what there is for now. Once they announce the pre-release I can get started on a new version. The version for 1.05 doesn't integrate with the stock toolbar no, it works with blizzys but with stock your milage may vary (and by the sound of it, does). On stock if you click the top part of the window it should minimise to a small black bar.
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