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  1. I've got a recompile with latest versions of the supported mods and I started on the earth/kerbin time display thing. It turns out a little trickier since I thought that if Squad put in a boolean to switch between formats they'd also have conversion methods. I can't find any though so I'll rummage through the KAC source to see how trigger has done it (I know KAC can swicth between display modes). He'll either have found Squads conversions or have his own - either way I'll get a pointer to the way forward. I downloaded the balloon mod and Nerteas cyrotanks - we'll see about getting those in soon.
  2. I'm having some problems getting an older 1.0.4 save to load, it's failing on 'Vega.Node.B' - any ideas where I can find that or fake one up?
  3. I haven't done anything bar fly over the forums for months. Busy working and I seem to have had every virus circulating this winter. At the latest I'll get something done over xmas when I finally get some holidays.
  4. The trusses could do with being a little more durable. Both of them are fairly explody touching down on the nosecone parachute at 5m/s
  5. He's letting me know which part of the source to get it from. I don't have time today but I'll get something out this weekend.
  6. You know what? The time thing had never even occurred to me, I use RSS a fair bit though and that's 24h. I can put it in as an option at some point. RT numbers come direct from the antenna themselves, if it seems not right then your config file has odd numbers in it or something. FB just yells at the part 'how much juice you need bro?'. Now if you mean data antenna, that's a different kettle of fish. They are very high burst items but it's a number you want to take account of - hence the filter setting. Linux - can't test it so no idea. The exception detector will trigger for any supported mod that you don't have installed, it's the only way to not crash when they aren't there. I checked without toolbar with 1.0.5 and it seems to be working ok. No idea what the problems were with that. I'll update once the usual dependencies have done theirs.
  7. Fusebox doesn't use the stock toolbar, that will come with 1.1 and the new UI overhaul. It should work without blizzys bar though, I'll check it this weekend - I only use it myself with toolbar so I wouldn't have noticed if it broke at some point.
  8. That XML file contains the settings for the UI component. If you get a problem again, first thing to do is delete that config.xml and it will create a new on from defaults. As to why CKAN left files there on a delete? No idea, you'd have to ask the CKAN thread.
  9. Thanks but that's a bit lower level than I needed and would still have meant I'd need to write something to catch the F2. I found a nice example in Stupid Chris's Realchute code, there are events which can be set such that when a person hits F2 the mods event handler is called - in this case the 'hide yourself' boolean. That way I don't have to watch for key presses, it's what I meant by hooks. Anyhow give this DLL a test (it's the same as 1.51 but with events for UI hiding) and if you think the F2 behaviour is better I'll wrap an update release. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/71576136/Fusebox.dll
  10. Very odd, I wonder if there's a hook somewhere I can use instead of trying to capture F2 key presses. I'll have a look when I get time.
  11. Recompiled for updated DLLs, added kOS support SCANsat 14.2, NF S/E/P 0.5.3, Av lights 3.7, kOS 0.17.3, telemachus 1.4.30, antenna range 1.10.1, remote tech 1.6.8 Version number bumped, will create new config.xml and ignore old settings. Change the number in yours to 1.51 if you want to keep it but no guarantees that it will work. CKAN update request created.
  12. They will indeed mess up the calculations, Fusebox has to use the mods DLL to 'ask' what it supplies or drains. If it can't call the mod DLL without an exception, they will be missing from the numbers. Which mods is it complaining about? I probably need to do a recompile release again.
  13. Point to note, Oinkers dropbox link returns 404 now so it's been removed or something.
  14. It seems to be stock only from what I've looked at. AIES, Turbonisu, KW, NovaP, KAX, Lacks, FASA, IFR etc all drop parts in nodes they don't really belong in. More importantly so do Dmagic and Universal storage. KIS/KAS I suspect are the same. Obviously, support for part packs would be ideal but it's not something the author is going to manage very quickly - there's a lot of stuff to go through and I doubt the part authors would want to make the effort for him/her. So for now, keep it stock on the parts front to experience this mod.
  15. Don't worry about it, all of us have done something like that at some point in our lives. I hope you get what it does now and it's useful to you. jlcarneiro: Entirely likely. Antenna range doesn't just switch your comms off like RT does. When you go out of range it ramps up the power usage proportionately to how far over you are (and the icon turns yellow I think). Fusebox doesn't get any wind of that so it just reports the 'normal' usage which AR passes to it. For example one dish will just about go to Minmus but it'll turn yellow out there and cost ton of extra EC when transmitting.
  16. You've filtered everything out but the solar panels, so it will only add those up. Click everything red back to green on the filter list and it should get it. Failing that, hover over the resources icon in the app launcher bar in the top right and screenshot so we can see how much KSP thinks is draining. Are you using 1.50 the current release? I have a new one with kOS support but I've not gotten around to packaging it. The windows are a problem when blizzys toolbar isn't in use. Something else I'm hoping to get fixed in unity 5 when the gui revamp happens.
  17. A fresh career save dies when a vessel reaches 70km, it's the old problem of contracts again. You'll probably need to add some contract configurator magic if you want this to work with career mode.
  18. Just a quick note: the curse download link is missing the colon after http and doesn't work.
  19. I do actually but not quite the same as that issue. What I was thinking of was something like - until the user tries to create a new modset, no change in behaviour. To create a new modset, rename the current CKAN and GameData to CKAN-default and GameData-default. Create empty CKAN and GameData, copy Squad from the default into the new GameData. Refresh and restart CKAN. Thinking about it, this might be easier to do (and cleaner) as a separate executable. I may knock something up over the weekend.
  20. Are there any plans to support mulitple GameData mod sets via CKAN for the same kerbal install and switch between them? I do this manually renaming things rather than have multiple whole kerbal copies but it would probably be simple enough to do in CKAN.
  21. F2 works just fine for me. You'll need to be more specific about when it's not working for you. Version you're using, where, what other mods etc.
  22. It hasn't changed and it worked the last time I tested it. I'll look when I get home.
  23. Yep, I didn't bother putting in fiddly code to work out efficiency and whether or not an engineer is present etc. Maybe one day.