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  1. I've had a lot of trouble getting the 2.5m large solids to stay attached to my launch vehicles. The radial decouplers can't take the strain and the linkage fails. The pack may need to start stocking beefed up decouplers.
  2. I wouldn't call it a work-around, that's just how MJ functions. It doesn't do it with crew pods as far as I've seen (but I've not mounted any in weird orientations). It does it with probe and robotic cores though take MJ off and put the rocket on the pad - your navball shows E where E should be. It'd be nice if that got fixed true. I've built lander missions with 3 or 4 different control nodes though, how should MJ decide which one is 'dominant' at any one point in time? It can't, I have to click the one it needs to be using next and 'control from here'. Same with the docking autopilot - 'control from here' on your docking port so it can orient properly and it docks no bother.
  3. I've just finished searching my drives for the name of the dll it should be producing but there's nothing anywhere. Is there some switch to tell mono to actually produce a file? Or to tell it where to put such objects?
  4. Ok, thanks for the replies. It now says it 'build successful' but I have no idea where or if it's writing a dll file. I can't find anything :-/ PartTools in Unity writes me the new part.mu and texture straight to the KSP area and I added the script component but it's not writing anything I can see. It's also not spitting any error messages which is a plus.
  5. I downloaded the Unity package with mono included. Imported the parttool 0.20 stuff, created a simple model in blender, got it loading to KSP. Fine, time to add code thinks I but when I followed the wiki template it has this: public class Testmod : PartModule I tell it to compile it with a simple print just to get a sample dll and make sure everything is working but I get "namespace 'PartModule' could not be found". Obviously there's a tie in to a library missing but where? Nothing I read or found says anything about 'put the KSP libs here'. Or is it a reference problem?
  6. I installed KAS to give it a try but the audio went nuts and the display freezes constantly. [LOG 20:28:03.574] Load(Audio): KAS/Sounds/attach [EXC 20:28:03.581] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object [LOG 20:28:06.834] Load(Audio): KAS/Sounds/bipwrong [LOG 20:28:06.841] Skipped rendering frame because GfxDevice is in invalid state (device lost) [LOG 20:28:06.950] Skipped rendering frame because GfxDevice is in invalid state (device lost) [LOG 20:28:07.051] Skipped rendering frame because GfxDevice is in invalid state (device lost) [LOG 21:47:26.262] [KAS] KASModuleWinchGui set to : -1045876253 [EXC 21:47:26.266] MissingFieldException: Field '.FlightGlobals.fetch' not found. In the KSP log every tenth of a second forever. Anyone know how to fix this? For now I'm just going to remove KAS I think since it's the problem.
  7. It's a great mod, I have saved subs for various size launch stages. The only problems I always get are struts and more importantly - fuel lines. It sort of defeats the purpose of saved subassemblies if I have to go round removing all fuel lines and redoing them after loading. Some struts also go nuts and worse, they can't be removed and add to the part count. If this problem could be fixed it'd be perfect.
  8. Ah ok, thanks for the reply. It was just that it hit 99.99998%, might want to check you've not got a rounding error somewhere. And you're right, I don't mind refuels, I can launch pretty big loads so I just hoist a cluster of cans into orbit with a docking port. Mechjeb semi-auto rendezvous while I forum surf. I built a massive kethane mining and refining effort round Minmus anyway so my interplanetary missions stop there where the gravity well is shallow.
  9. I gave this mod a whirl tonight and while it appears to work I can't convince myself it's really doing something I need/want. The basic package is pretty hefty so I used novapunch parts to launch it. Then followed up with stock refuelers. That went smoothly enough until I filled it for the 3rd time, it went to 99.99998% filled. So I put a little more of everything in and hit supply again, it went to 100%. So far so good but what now? The 3 levels are all still low, do I have to keep topping this thing off? Or is this meant for static installations, ie does hitting delivery wait 2 days then fill this thing up? If so I don't know if it's really worth the bother tbh, 2kish fuel every 2 days only pays off after 6 days + whatever else it took to get it set up. Using Kethane I can supply myself a lot faster and in bulk. Maybe I'm missing something or perhaps this just isn't useful to me.
  10. Nope, works fine for me and big rockets. Some of my NP2 lifters hit over 60ms2 when the SRBs are almost empty, I limit to 50ms2 and it does it by throttling back the liquid engines. If you only have SRBs of course, it's not going to work.
  11. I just thought I'd post a positive response for you (since most people only hit the forums when they have a problem ). Your mod is dead easy to install and works perfectly for me. I detach the final part of my ships and adjust with this to get them perfect or as close as it goes - the difference is amazing. My ships are so much easier to dock and land, thanks and please keep updating this as KSP develops.
  12. I agree. Now that charge actually gets used in significant amounts this would be a great help when designing.
  13. The next Kethane ground harvester got to minmus and I tried again. From orbit it's very hard to tell what the surface terrain looks like so I just picked what looked flattest with Keth in it and crossed fingers. The unit came down on the side of a valley hitting at about 0.8m/s and survived. From watching MJ I'm sure now that it's blithely unaware of the surface contours. Better do those landings with a healthy dose of manual Edit: added screenshots
  14. Just crashed another keth ground station into Minmus. I was in a 25km circular orbit, picked a kethane spot right round the other side of the planet to give MJ thinking time and set it to auto land. I could see it was going to plant it into the surface but in the interests of science I just sat back and watched. It crashed into the side of a hillock at 154m/s. The prediction was dancing all over the place, is it the new surface contours throwing it off? Also getting to minmus is causing MJ headaches and it seems to be worse when the Mun is close to the orbital path taken. I'm just plotting my own nodes and letting MJ execute them. Trying rendezvous with a final correction burn seems to end up leaving Kerbin altogether or smacking into Minmus.
  15. You're onto the real problem there I think. I ended up removing KSP completely, deleting every last scrap and doing a ccleaner job on the registry (you can never be too sure with windows ) and the fresh vanilla install is flying test craft true (I built the one Vanamonde was having trouble with and it's fine). I'll now start adding the mods I use and retesting after every one. If you're right (and I think you are, it fits what people are seeing) once I test my 1456 tonne monster built with NovaPunch it'll fail because it's so large the CoM/CoT are not aligned exactly. I rebuilt it using the sub-assembly mod yesterday taking hours to get everything lined up "perfectly" but with that sort of mass and thrust, a strut or two probably makes enough difference to throw it into a fit. Edit: I just loaded the stock Z-Map and it will not fly east after launch. Even with SAS on it drifts west very slowly, with the SAS off it's not slow. Now I've not tried the stock things before so I don't know if it worked pre 0.21, maybe someone here does. Edit2: The stock craft look like they don't have any wheels (inlines or whatever we're calling them). The Kerbal X isn't as bad as the probe but that'll be done to the difference in built in. I added an inline wheel to the Z-Map and it's nailed in place - Squad! Update your stock designs please, then people will have a reference to fall back on.
  16. I rebuilt all my rockets fresh with 0.21 and yes, the new SAS is very different. I've tried reaction wheels, I've played around with the construction order and I use the RCS aid to get the placement right and eliminate unwanted torque vectors. The problems with large unwieldy rockets seems to be down to KSP itself but the docking problems and problems near minmus are very real. The hohmann to minmus for example, it does the next to last burn fine then starts a 10,000m/s correction that shoots you out of kerbin system and mostly out of fuel. I'll see if I can come up with concrete, repeatable files over the weekend. At the moment, I'm only using MJ as a node guide - leaving it on full auto isn't reliable.
  17. I was trying to set up my Kethane station around Minmus (I had the ground unit going) and it was making a real hash of trying to dock yeah. Then I tried the autolander to go down next to the ground unit and before I knew what was going on I was out of orbit, heading out into the solar system. Because I was low fuel (this craft was to go down, fill up and return remember) I was shafted, I'll have to send another one out. I tried messing around with the maneuver nodes out there and sure, the gravity well is very shallow but MJ seems to be flipping out and zooming off places instead of executing the nodes.
  18. I figured out part of what's happening with very large rockets. I have a 3.75m stage on top of a 5m stage and however strutted or I-beamed the joint is, as soon as launch starts the struts/beams stretch and the 3.75m stage slides to one side. The boosting 5m stage then rubber bands after it and things go bang quickly from there. I've tried the extra heavy struts in the NP that has the 5m rockets and multiple I beams. I suppose poor old MJ hasn't got a chance in that situation
  19. With todays update MJ seems to be off a bit again. It's "twitching" back and forth constantly and trying some very large wobbly rockets it just flies them in a direct curve into the ground from the launch pad - some of the monsters I've built with NovaPunch parts are just impossible to launch. My refuelers in particular seem to be bad, probably due to being more top heavy as they are, well, taking fuel into orbit. Leaving MJ off and letting the SAS take it up actually works though so it's not all the rockets fault.
  20. I tried some of the stock rockets in this addon last night but they just turned over after launch and crashed. Mechjeb couldn't fly them either but I see there's been another KSP update so I'll give them another go tonight and hope they fixed the wobbly/big rocket problems
  21. I have much the same problem. The overlay doesn't appear except briefly as a collapsing sphere of hexes around my mouse point when I zoom out with the mouse wheel. Zoom in, nothing happens. I can scan and hear it bliping but I can't see anything.