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  1. 1.41 has support added in for the curved panels which I thought I'd tested. If electric and solar do different things to panels it's going to be painful :-/ I'm already playing with a new release but I won't put anything out until 1.03 has hit next week. If that hotfix has a large impact and causes a lot of mod updates I'll wait for the ripples to spread.
  2. I went back to the post from Pamidur about RPM integration and tried to test it. The PartModule code required is in Fusebox but the RPM configs didn't work - log file says [WRN 17:54:24.152] [Part]: PartModule FuseBoxMonitor at mk1pod, index 13: index exceeds module count as defined in cfg. Looking for FuseBoxMonitor in other indices... [ERR 17:54:24.153] ...no FuseBoxMonitor module found on part definition. Skipping... I dug a bit deeper, looked at the RPM documentation and it turns out the config Padimur has is for Hyomoto via Navutil via RPM. Hyomoto hasn't updated for about a year and although the thread seems to have an install method it looks pretty dodgy. The RPM code can stay in as it's not hurting anything but if someone wants to have a go at making an up to date RPM config file set to include with Fusebox, step right up Your starter for 10 is: FuseboxVariables.cfg RPMCVARIABLEHANDLER { name = FuseBoxMonitor method = ProcessVariable variable = FBAVAILABLE,0 variable = ELECTRICCONSUMPTION,0 variable = ELECTRICPRODUCTION,0 variable = ELECTRICDELTA,0 variable = ELECTRICSTATUS }
  3. DMagic, a request for you. Module SCANsat exposes public float power; which lets my plugin track the power usage. ModuleSCANresourcesScanner which you use with MM to add functionality to the stock parts doesn't expose this variable but the config node suggests that it is present. Would you mind changing ModuleSCANresourcesScanner.power to be public please?
  4. I've got a new version in testing now. It linked against current versions of: AntennaRange, Aviation Lights, KAS, NF Solar, RT2, Scansat, TacLS, Telemachus. Once I'm happy it's getting the numbers right I'll put it up.
  5. You can set the colours by editing the config.xml file as detailed some pages back. Basically it's stored as RGB values in there, adding UI support for colour selection might be on the cards after KSP moves to Unity 5 and the whole UI system gets overhauled. What is the KSP skin bug? Details please and I'll see what I can do. TT-18 launch stabs ARE generators. They supply 1 charge per second whilst on the pad. The filter setting for clamps is what stops them being included in generators. The planets thing is another one of those hard to do things which depends on other code. Mods like Near future and Interstellar alter the solar properties themselves, if it's done with a DLL instead of overriding stock methods then you don't know it's been changed. RSS, RO, x64, planet packs - how do those get handled? It's only fairly recent that stock KSP has started supporting methods to ask 'what planets do you have? how big are they?' etc. I might revisit the problem soonish but I might also wait until the Unity 5 update. Darkness time is calculated with this mathematics simplified for equatorial, inclination 0, circular orbits. Your RT web page seems to get rougly half the time, why I cannot say. I implemented the mathematics I found, I am not up to checking their veracity
  6. Back from my holiday, I'll get something out later in the week. Near future hooks are in, his stuff just needs to stabilise and it can go back.
  7. You can add recovery capability to orbital stages but of course it adds to the mass and cost. A radial mounted probe core, battery and a fuel reserve are all you need. Or you can build recovery tugs to rendezvous with debris, collect it and bring it back.
  8. As you desire, it doesn't take long. Personally though I do not use anything which has not been specifically built for the current KSP version.
  9. Stone, Fusebox is not 1.0 compatible. That it runs at all is fairly interesting but I'd expect a whole bunch of exceptions (it's built against other DLL versions from 0.90 so every time it goes near one of those parts it'll barf). If blizzy updates his toolbar sometime soon, I'll compile a 1.0 compatible old type Fusebox to keep people trucking while I work on the re-write.
  10. It's going to be a while before there is an update. First I have to work out if the changes I was hoping for have been made and then re-write for 1.0. If ions are off they've changed the workings of charge powered engines - probably due to the ISP recode they did.
  11. It does with the exception of the dark calculator but any custom DLLs will throw it off.
  12. From Squads perspective, it's in the 'too much info' category and I understand their position (just like they've only just decided to add TWR and dV to the stock game in 1.0). I'll just be happy if the event I need gets into KSP with the next release.
  13. 1.0 has been in experimentals for almost a week, I'll wait till the next release before I do anything at this stage.
  14. Great stuff KospY, have some more rep. Transitioning the containers to KIS should help clean up the KAS code base and make bug chasing there easier too. With tools and inventory, I expect someone will make a super fun contract pack - lots of interesting possibilities.
  15. Nope, it doesn't have any API methods to fetch if it's doing things. So all Fusebox can do is ask it how much the default drain is set to for command pods and add that. All cured if Squad get the event into 1.0
  16. It'll be something adding a definition in RP-0 which tags the probe core as a command pod. It's not really worth tracking down with 1.0 close and hopefully the new event hook in place.
  17. TACLS takes a flat rate 0.04, or at least it used to. RP-0 also changes a lot of the configs behind the scenes so there could be something there too.
  18. Good lord, what a large chunk of work you've been sitting on. /applause
  19. You're welcome. Cross your fingers that Squad put the event hook into 1.0 then these mod problems all go away.
  20. CKAN will be getting the old zip from curse so there's your problem. I wish curse would get a move on and fix the new zip.
  21. First check your log for a line like this FB - Wrong Remote Tech 2 library version - disabled. Check you got it from the Dropbox link, curse still haven't fixed the file on theirs. Then make sure you are not filtering RT2 out on the filters page.
  22. No, if blizzys toolbar isn't present it'll just appear as a box by itself. When I do the big rewrite for the next release I'll put in stock bar support. So if you've not got blizzys toolbar installed, click the top of the window to make it minimise to a name bar.