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  1. I've done it when on a decaying orbit that wasn't decaying fast enough for my liking and I was getting bored waiting. I haven't done it because I needed to.
  2. That is wrong. The second law of thermodynamics only applies to closed systems, and by definition a mining rig is not a closed system: ore is entering the system as you mine it.
  3. TextureReplacer can do that. Using stripes of colour rather than fully coloured suits makes more realistic sense (since white suits reflect more light), but you can do either. At the moment I am using Cetera's Suit Mod, with blue stripes for scientists, red stripes for pilots, yellow stripes for engineers and orange stripes for the original four Kerbonauts.
  4. Something I once suggested was that Experimental parts might be the only ones with the rated impact and heat tolerances, with each individual part being assigned a random percentage bonus to both statistics on launch. When you first unlock a part it might have the base tolerances +1-20%, increasing to a flat +20% as you unlock more branches of the tech tree. Hard difficulty might not provide that benefit, keeping it at the +1-20% rate no matter how much you explore the tech tree.
  5. It would not take months to implement wind. The game already uses a variable frame of reference to prevent kraken attacks on fast-moving craft, so now you'd use -(velocityx,velocityy,velocityz) + (windx,windy,windz) instead of -(velocityx,velocityy,velocityz) to calculate aerodynamic effects. The wind velocity vector for an Earthlike Kerbin would be something like: Westerly component = -cos(2.5*latitude) + random component Southerly component = -sin(3*latitude)*cos(pi*altitude/max altitude) + random component Updraft component = cos(3*latitude) + biome modifier + random component
  6. Which is another reason why a toggle between "flight mode" and "station mode" is a good idea. Turn on "flight mode" to make the Kerbals return to their assigned pods and stay there, removing the AI footprint and keeping them safe if you plan on doing something like igniting your rocket engines, and turn on "station mode" to disable the controls that might leave the Kerbals behind, and enable the AI that allows the Kerbals to run about outside or within the craft.
  7. One solution to this problem is to use two craft - one that can get from Kerbin to LKO and one that can carry an ISRU and tanks from LKO to Minmus and back again. The single-stage-to-LKO is the hardest, most time-sensitive part of the mission, so having a tanker make refuelling runs to and from Minmus is an easy way to extend the range of a fully reusable space program.
  8. It sounds like it's working as intended. Your confusion is a result of two things: You have zero time and zero supplies left before you hit your 15 day reserve (USI-LS gives you 15 days of virtual supplies instead of demanding you stick a supply canister on every single craft you launch), and you also have infinite time because you're still on Kerbin - your Kerbals are basically being fed from the KSC's stores instead of the craft's stores while you wait for launch.
  9. Go to GameData/USI/LifeSupport/Settings.cfg and find the lines "NoSupplyEffect = 1" and "NoSupplyEffectVets = 1". Change them to 5.
  10. @RoverDude I've been looking at your source code. Am I correct in believing that MaxOffKerbinTime is the date&time at which a Kerbal will go on strike due to homesickness, and that this date&time is only dependent on the best craft the Kerbal has been on since he left Kerbin?
  11. It's harder to share designs when everyone uses a different set of stats, so I don't like the idea in the OP. How about letting us spend a bunch of funds and science to add simulators to our Astronaut Complex that automatically grants 2 experience points the next time each Kerbal returns to the KSC?
  12. I'm still in the early days of my new game so it will be quite a while before I need it, but it will be nice to use this mod again.
  13. @IgorZ The release pages for both KAS and KIS only have downloads for the source code, not the compiled mod.
  14. It would be a nice way to add flavour to the game, though I don't know if it would be worth the work. If I was going to do it, I'd add a control - perhaps under the Abort button - that disabled staging and throttle, and enabled this behaviour.
  15. @Leandro Basi It appears that Scatterer is causing a ton of error messages. Get that fixed first, and people might actually be able to find where the problem is.