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  1. Thanks for the offer, however as far as I know, this mod still works with 1.12.3, doesn't it? I haven't played 1.12.* much, but tested it and couldn't find anything wrong with MEPS
  2. Oof, I replied to your suggestions thread and only now I noticed this one There you go:
  3. Adjustable Landing Gears still lives in a new home: (but otherwise I share your sentiment about the stock landing gears )
  4. About @psychonaut25's issue, I have experienced the same orbit-matching issue WITHOUT BetterBurnTime... I have preliminary traced it to "Docking Camera KURS" mod, which psychonaut25 also have installed. Curiously, that mod shouldn't mess up with orbital info either, but another user have also reported the same issue on KURS thread. Removing that mod solves the issue, but I have half a mind that it may be more complex than just KURS and it may be some odd interaction between mods, but I haven't tested it yet Approaching the target craft in timewarp will prevent that issue and works as a workaround (trick is to be in timewarp when the physics kick in at 2.1 meters)
  5. @Lisias Looks like, while is frozen, one can still download it using CKAN Ckan meta: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN-meta/blob/master/TweakscaleMakingHistoryConfigs/TweakscaleMakingHistoryConfigs-1.0e.ckan it doesn't show in Spacedock.info, but CKAN can still download it from there (I've just tested here and it does install correctly in the ominous GameData/TweakscaleMakingHistoryConfigs folder) Now, I've never used CKAN before apart for some quick testing, but if the frozen status/file means CKAN shouldn't download/list the mod, it seems it isn't working, at least not for that particular mod/patch
  6. I assume everything will be handled locally by the colony or, before that, by the interstellar craft, which will each act as a "mini-ksc". Delay is interesting, but easy to overcome if they follow KSP1 In KSP1, a probe will retain control if its in comm range of a manned capsule (with the assumption that the crew now controls the probe, instead of KSC) So it would be a matter of sending a manned craft tagging along Of course, that adds a whole different set of problems if Life Support, even a rudimentary one, is added
  7. Isn't that like, right next to the Desert Runway? I wouldn't call it an easter egg (not that OP said it was), all one have to do is look left when starting from the desert runway Unless there is another wind turbine farm somewhere else
  8. Remade my old tongue-in-the-cheek 'replica' of Santos Dumont's 14Bis Takes a while to takeoff, but Jeb is patient Alas, like the real thing, it won't go very far
  9. What sort of microtransactions would they add? Skins? Those can be modded in, so there isn't much incentive to purchase them. Parts? Also moddable Planets? Moddable... Why sell trickled down parts for .99 cents if they can just pack a bunch, slap a 20$ pricetag and call it a DLC? If (and that's a big IF) they add microtransaction, just don't buy the game... KSP1 is here and isn't going anywhere... Arguing with random strangers on the internet about the exact wording on a statement won't accomplish anything, make your point with your wallet... Besides, they know very well the community stance on this, adding microtransaction will result in a big backlash.
  10. Timmy Kerman, young boy just now learning how to spell, saved an entire year worth of his allowance, to have an answer to what is the most important question of his life yet: "Does Ice Cream melt on the Sun?" Timmy convinced his father, a mere factory worker at Kerbal Standard, to slip a requisition to the leading Space Agency to fulfill his son's dream.. Alas, Administrator Geonovast found little Timmy's request "ridiculous" and the funding, an "offensive pittance", crushing both the requisition paper and Timmy's dreams.... ...you monster!
  11. And the Ice Cream experiment itself comes from Angel-125's WBI (Wildblue Industries) series of mods... you probably have one of their mods (Buffallo, Pathfinder, M.O.LE.)... Their mods install a common package "WildBlue Tools", which actually contains those experiment contracts
  12. After the forum upgrade/change a few years back, some old links don't work Here you go:
  13. Nice idea, however, don't forget that the part diameters in KSP are scaled down. The Kerbodyne S3 series tanks (the largest tanks available) have a diameter of 3.75m The MK3 body (which mimics the Space Shuttle Orbiter profile) have a diameter of 3.75m Now, the real Space Shuttle have a width of 6.7 meters at its widest point, just slightly wider than the 747 Shuttle Carrier at 6.5m So, technically, considering the scale, the proper size for a 747 replica would be the S3 tank profile. A 6.5m part, in game, would be about similar than a ~11m part in real life I don't know if any mods add passenger/cargo parts in 3.75 meters, but it wouldn't surprise me if there is.
  14. Really nice!! I have just a teeeny bit of criticism, if you allow me.. The stage-specific delta v looks a bit small, hard to read at a quick glance.. Otherwise, it's perfect, just like your PAW/Tweakables redesign!
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