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  1. Yup, Sh1pman and Snark nailed it.. I replicated your craft on my stock-test install, with only KER installed, based on your screenshot.. With the capsule as root, KER reports roughly 3100m/s Delta V, but rerooting the craft and having the main engine as root, KER then reported almost 5000m/s delta-v By cheating, I put the craft on Laythe's surface, about 4300 meters high and couldn't get to orbit in any way, missing just a bit of delta-v for full circularization... My version of your craft also was quite unstable, so I definitely lost some DV fighting the controls
  2. The elevons take into consideration your CoM (Center of Mass) to determine which way they should deploy... The back fin is behind your CoM, while the elevons on the wings are in front of your CoM, hence deploying in the opposite direction, although they "seem" to be almost aligned with your CoM, so they may be doing little to no effect in pitching up/down
  3. Thiagobs

    Steam features

    If I remember correctly, Squad do (or did, at least) provide Steam keys for those who bought it under their store, but many chose not to take it... Regardless, many players bought their copy on (and I remember something about it being available somewhere else as well), wouldn't be too happy if Squad start handing keys for their competitors for users
  4. Thiagobs

    Sudden and extreme negative review spike?

    One good example of sharing data with "third parties" that happens to be located in "other countries located outside of europe" is Squad itself... Take Two bought the "Kerbal" Intellectual Property, but unless I'm mistaken, Squad is still its own independent company, located in Mexico
  5. Thiagobs

    lost of WSADQE

    Don't know if this may help but... In the game settings, in the "Input" tab, there's a place there where you can switch the keyboard layout.. It may have detected a wrong layout... Don't know if the game bases it on the OS's location, but a similar thing happened to me, the keybindings where all weird and I noticed KSP set my layout as a Brazilian keyboard (which matches my OS's locale), although I have a US-International keyboard (correctly configured in Windows)
  6. Thiagobs

    Changing the KSP Engine

    Actually he and his brother, when they were kids
  7. [snip] In any case, as other users said, those are the new tank sizes... for the largest size, you won't find a proper engine that fits it, but you actually have to use a "cluster adapter" that looks like the bottom of the Saturn V rocket: Using that adapter, you can add up to five engines of your choice.
  8. Thiagobs

    Launch site concerns.

    Wait.. what? Free-to-play?!?!? Since when KSP is/became free to play?
  9. Thiagobs

    2D Clouds

    I have no idea, you may want to ask on the threads for EVE and other mods that use such texture and see if their authors are willing to tell.. Buuuuut... If I had to guess, or at least try to do it myself, I would find a "cloud map" on google, there are several, taken from satellites, they have black backgrounds and just the clouds showing, and then remove the black background, making it transparent, leaving only the clouds... (note: if you do this, make sure you find an image where license allows usage/editing/redistribution!) Cheers!
  10. Thiagobs

    Where can you see detailed Orbital Angles/info?

    That's a cool insight of the design process and decisions of making KSP! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Thiagobs

    Development Update for Consoles!

    razark is right, proper beta testing is incredibly boring... Usually, those open betas we see around are meant to test systems and server loads, not the actual software/game... I did some beta testing in the past and, oh boy, it is annoying Beta testing KSP would be something like "add 200 gigantor solar panels and hurl the craft towards the sun and carefully check if EC ratio goes bonkers... then repeat 100x to be sure and write a report of your findings"
  12. Thiagobs

    [1.3.0] Filter Extensions 3.0.4 (Jul 11)

    @Crzyrndm Sure thing, sent you a PM with a link
  13. Thiagobs

    [1.3.0] Filter Extensions 3.0.4 (Jul 11)

    Did some quick test here and the Science icon issue seem to happen only under OpenGL mode.. Checking the files, looks like and are the only ones using DXT1, while the others use DXT5. I've opened them up and re-saved them with DXT5 and the issue is gone
  14. Thiagobs

    Assorted Mod Tweaks

    There is not, actually... There is a "readme" file in the link, containing the license, but there's no license included with the downloads (inside the zip files) or on the forum post itself
  15. Thiagobs

    [1.3] [WIP] Suit Refuel

    That's quite neat! Especially the animation, looks like something out of an 60's/70's scifi show