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  1. DL'd your 2.8.0 this morning, will try it out later... As for the LGAP issue, my working work-around is to set a (Waypoint Manager) waypoint first, then just use the Lat/Lon coordinates to set the landing target. That way I have something to aim for. Gets very close, about the same as picking the target through LGAP normally.
  2. For Chrome users: Right-click the link to Sarbian's page, open in a new incognito window, click "advanced", then at the bottom of the paragraph click the link which starts "proceed to..."
  3. Sarbian, See if these links get those files correctly. First time I've used this service (DataFileHost). KSP.log player.log Screenshot Screenshot
  4. Sarbian, I just installed 794, and ran another simulation. Same results. I'm trying to get you a file upload with a couple of screenshots showing what I see on my screen, plus the KSP.log and player.log texts. Honestly, looking through those files isn't what it used to be. I don't see anything mentioning the flight events like I used to in either file. Both are spammed with hundreds (if not thousands) of messages about a missing "" file. If there's anything related to MJ in that mess, I didn't see it.
  5. Sarbian, Using 793 with 1.4.1, on Linux, seeing a minor cosmetic issue with the LGAP. The target indicator isn't showing up when you try to select a landing location on the map, nor is the basic trajectory path. LGAP functions correctly, as far as the landing itself is concerned. Just the indicators in map mode not showing up.
  6. I'll confirm the fix worked on my Linux machine. The landing was, indeed, very close to the target. Closer than in previous builds. I use NavHud so I can see things, and the two indicators remained aligned one-over-the-other right up until the 500m horizontal-motion-kill point. Very nice! I had no issues with the warp this time. Even picking a landing target that forced one additional complete orbit performed without a hitch. Only hiccup I see, and I've seen it now for many builds, is the gear not extending correctly. Not a show stopper, though...
  7. Sarbian posted: The new landing bug from 1.3.1 should be fixed in the dev build. Build #745. Well... yes and no... It's not twisting around looking for the correct vector like it was before. Now, it just pops into warp to get to the plane change location, and never pops out again. 'Round-n-round she goes, when she stops, nobody knows...'
  8. Model Rocketry, CW. The smell of black powder and talc on the parachutes. Estes and Centuri were the #1 and #2 kit companies in the 1960's and '70s, and when I got back into MR around 2003 or so, I got serious about designing my own birds. Built quite a few of them, too. It's another reason I love KSP, and BDDB parts have that same "feel" to them as I had building real flying stuff.
  9. These parts remind me of the differences between Estes tubes and Centuri tubes. While I loved Estes, I came to appreciate the additional sizes offered by "the other guy". These BDDB parts give me that same W&F feeling... Thanks, CobaltWolf!
  10. Bullets #4 and #5 have been problems for a number of builds now. Bullet #1 has just started showing up for me in the last two builds, and #2 in the current build. Just started using KSP 1.3.1, also... I've seen another time-warp issue for several builds where the LGAP goes into warp, immediately pops out, does a calculation, pops into warp, immediately pops out, ad nauseum through almost the entire descent. This seems to be more pronounced when the entry angle is shallow, from a low altitude (like 30 km above the Mun or Minmus...). I run on a linux build, BTW (LM 18.2, Kernel 4.11, AMD A10-7700K).
  11. Nightingale, That was beautiful! I just tried it out with a triple-lander contract and they all touched down within a few meters of their waypoints, even without RCS! I've been needing this conversion for a long time! Thanks so very much!
  12. Nightingale, I've been using this mod for some time, love it for custom waypoints! I see that the issue of coordinate conversions and integration to MechJeb has been mentioned already... Perhaps an easier solution to the problem might be a drop-down format list where the user can choose which format to view the coordinates in. Have waypoint coordinates show up in both the main GUI and in the editing windows. I like to use WM to set up landing grids for off-planet bases, and I use MechJeb because I'm a lousy pilot... It is very frustrating to have to do manual conversions from the decimal format used by WM to the DegMinSec format used in MJ. Even with a spreadsheet running a conversion program, it doesn't always come out correctly. Would it be possible to incorporate such a built-in converter routine into WM?
  13. Uhh, nope. The problem still exists in 1.0.2... Logfile Linky Don't know if this is a stock issue, or a MKS issue. The ship in question is a lander using a couple of MKS base modules and four MKS docking ports.
  14. I had this problem as well, although I did not have this converter installed. I had ATM-Aggressive installed, and when I dropped it out of the list, the RC icon returned.
  15. Same problem on my end. Had to drop back to 449, problem disappeared.