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  1. I noticed that in the science review section... there is a check mark type thing next to science you've collected and it shows you the message you got when you collected it. That may have already been there but this is the first time I noticed it.
  2. Making the boosters a lot more expensive is one way to deal with it... I guess. They haven't given any specifics for the possible implementations of money in KSP yet... It's one of the features I've always been worried about... because there are so many ways to do it poorly... and I don't know exactly how you would do it well. I have ideas... but they aren't likely to go with anything I'd suggest... And I'm worried they'll go with something I don't like... and make career not fun for me anymore. I would not have you purchase parts. I would have missions have a cost that the rocket you use to complete it comes under. In this way you could launch over and over again attempting to complete a mission. Or you could ignore missions and go about as usual... doing your own thing. I would not have there be a money counter that each launch ate away at until there was nothing left and you couldn't afford to launch anything anymore. The key to this game is the freedom crash over and over learning as you go and for that not to adversely effect your progress. An economic system can destroy this freedom. Some people want that. I don't. It's an opinion and I fear it's a minority opinion... I hope the economic system they end up doing doesn't radically alter the feel of the game... but I worry that it will.
  3. I'm playing through career with ARM now. The SLS 2 engine liquid booster is unlocked at the same time as the mainsail. It's more powerful and more efficient ... this means I have not used the mainsail at all. Now the mainsail can have a stage below it and the 2 engine SLS can't... but I only would use a mainsail for the first stage anyway... so that doesn't come into play. I haven't gone out to an asteroid yet... I do have the claw. I could see maybe using the mainsail on my asteroid moving ship if I tried it right now. But I suspect I'll be doing research and getting the even better engines before I head out to an asteroid. So my point it I think the new SLS parts should be moved to later in the tech tree so the earlier parts see some use before being made obsolete...
  4. I survived it. I had made my account way back in order to ask if nose cones were as useless as they appeared to be at the time. But that wasn't the only change that occurred then. It's also when we lost our previous community manager. No offense to Rowsdower but our previous CM was the best CM I've ever interacted with in my time following up and coming games. I've seen him start posting again on the forums of recent. It's good to know he's still around. I don't want to call him out or have others pester him so I'm not saying his username. Rowsdower is doing an excellent job so nothing disparaging should be inferred by anyone reading this. Just wanted to make that clear. I think the forum explosion and the main site outage and the basically cutting off of all means of communication between Squad and us at that time was a nightmare for the CM to deal with. It was like BOOM and nothing worked. We didn't know what was happening and Squad was scrambling to figure it out themselves and unable to communicate anything to us.
  5. More planets of any and all sorts are wanted. Makeovers of existing planets to give them interesting places to visit is also wanted. volcanoes... flowing rivers... caves... gysers... moving floating ice rafts... all sorts of new challenges and wonders to explore. More Easter egg like things which give clues to ... not really a story but to past lore and events. KSP doesn't need a campaign for you to play through but little clues sprinkled throughout the system to be uncovered would be a welcome thing.
  6. possibly .24 maybe later if it doesn't work out.
  7. aerobraking... In fact I still haven't gotten it right. Docking took 3-4 attempts to really nail down. But that first attempt was a 3-4 hour ordeal. Landings I never had much a problem with... except when I need to land close... and if there is an atmosphere involved then I'm really going to have problems getting close.
  8. I'm not seeing anything official about old saves being incompatible with .23.5 (ARM) Got a link to that? As for the question it's easy to transfer your designs from one save to another. It's harder to transfer flights in progress from one save to another...
  9. as the other question is answered. No they only spawn near Kerbin's orbit.
  10. GOOD NEWS! One of the new parts in .23.5 (ARM) is a launch escape tower.
  11. It can. That is well known. What is unknown is if the asteroid can or can't.
  12. So you wouldn't complain when you game crashes repeatedly? The game crashed several times during the live streaming event. The media gets it so they can make videos for you to watch and get excited about... But also many of these people are also on the testing team so they've had test builds for a while and it's just that the NDA for this release has been lifted so they can talk about it. The game in essence is good enough to show but not yet good enough to release. It'll get released when they've ironed out the bigger bugs.
  13. I started in .13 myself started a forum account to ask if the nose cones did anything other than add weight and drag... (they didn't... until .22 I think)
  14. Mods will do it... almost immediately... alternately you could do it yourself. Either manually... or with hyperedit... you could just move the asteroids that spawn into the approximate orbit where you want the field and there you go.
  15. you just described exactly how it works. In the tracking station you see question marks. If you click on them you see it's an asteroid and how big it is. You do not see its trajectory and they are not permanent. If you then click "track" you get the trajectory and it becomes permanent. Otherwise the asteroids would disappear over time.
  16. Yes. Interviews like that are what I've wanted ever since I started following this game. I want more of you guys talking shop.
  17. and considering .24 or at least parts of it are already in QA.
  18. the same way everyone else who is part of the testing people and or part of the media group that squad gives test builds to... to test with or make videos with...
  19. NO it is not out yet. No date is announced. HOC is changing his video as it is incorrect. There is a 24 hour stream going on now with .23.5 (ARM) many if not all of the streamers and youtubers are also part of the testing team and even if they aren't they're part of the media recognized by squad to be given the test build for this media marketing event.
  20. A bit like the world maps of old... with "here be monsters" Ships going too far out away from land had a tendency to disappear... and the people of the time imagined sea monsters were the cause. In KSP in times of old (pre .17) if you ventured too far out into space your ship could spontaneously explode... The parallels with old sea monsters is obvious and hence the Space Kraken.
  21. yeah... I don't think I believe that... It's possible Harv misinterpreted something as none of the streamers think it will and the game has crashed several times on stream...
  22. It's not out. No date for when it will be out has been announced. ARM is an update like all the others and you'll manually update if you aren't on steam through the KSP store or steam will automatically update it for you the moment it's out if you have it through steam. exactly ... it shows the difference between the old joint system and the new one...
  23. A "normal" gaming company is using such a thing as a marketing tool only... Squad is still actively chasing down bugs and working on the update. The build is good enough to show but not good enough to release. If it was good enough to release they'd just do that and not bother with the marathon. My guess is that it'll be out by the end of the week... but they are having to check with NASA on things and NASA's communication turn around time is not instant... and so ARM could be delayed simply because they're waiting for NASA. But anyway your memory of past events is ... off, wrong, colored by pessimism or something because they have never "cut off all contact"
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