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  1. this is funny because this is basically what we did before rover wheels were added to the game. That one is Ion propelled and since the wheels couldn't turn then... RCS for turning. This one was RCS propelled
  2. well... darn. and cool none the less.
  3. The way I understand it... Unity has changed to allow this to happen. So a Part used to only be able to connect to one point and now that unity has changed parts will be able to connect at multiple points.
  4. Also wasn't there supposed to be something about a contest posted sometime today?
  5. It means that parts that currently have one connection point between them like fuel tanks and engines may have more than that after this update. That might also correct the issue you mention.
  6. The way I would do funding... You have a limit to how expensive your rocket can be. This does not deplete any pool of funds. It just sets a limit to how much each rocket can be. Then I'd have things like the contracts completion and science research bump up the limit. I might have some contracts also reward specific parts. We shall see what they do.
  7. There is nothing in stock that rotates in a controllable fashion... You could make something like pictured above. I even remember seeing someone make an engine model with the same concepts. There are some mods with rotating parts. Last I checked though they were bugged out. Though Scott Manly has some rotating parts in his more recent videos. I don't know which mod that is but it seems to be working. I would very much like rotating docking ports to become part of the stock game.
  8. no live stream about .24 has been announced to occur. I see links to the forum article about .24 have been posted. That is likely the only thing about .24 slated to happen today. But there was supposed to be some announcement about a contest as well today. Where that will be announced hasn't been said either and that would be my question. Where will that be announced?
  9. I'm with you right up to the part in red. There has been no statement that I'm aware of from squad to indicate that they are or will ever work on resource mining or an alternative to it again. If you know of any such statement please link it because them doings so is what I fervently wish for.
  10. did they pull down the twitch videos of the end of kerbalKon when they said it? I pretty sure it was in one of these 2 videos but they aren't playing for me so I can't check to be certain. http://www.twitch.tv/ksptv/b/487178814 http://www.twitch.tv/ksptv/b/487174346 It could just be a problem on my end with playing things. Edit it was on my end. It's this one http://www.twitch.tv/ksptv/b/487174346
  11. It's a sand box. Its entertainment value is maintained so long as you have something creative you want to accomplish. This isn't a subscription service or multiplayer(yet) so it doesn't matter if you play it once or daily or not at all from their perspective. Just like minecraft. It had been over a year since I played minecraft until a couple weeks ago... and now I'm playing again. The community for that game has been going on for a long time. I see no reason that this game won't do the same thing. If this were a regular game with ... an ending... and a story... that you could spoil for yourself... Then I'd agree with TB. But this isn't that. It's only as boring or as exiting as you yourself make it.
  12. what we need is the ability to place permanent structures on planets and use them for things. Resource mining was only on means of accomplishing that. I fine with them finding a different way to do it but... but at this point they've scraped the whole idea... and that's bad.
  13. They were going to add the ability to mine all sorts of materials. These materials could then be refined into fuel, materials for parts and the like. You would then be able to use these materials to build buildings on other worlds that function like the VAB and launch pad. In essence we'd be able to colonize the planets and have permanent settlements. And that glorious prospect was canceled. correct except for the "and they wanted to rework it." They have not said anything of the sort and thinking that they want or plan on revisiting it is only wishful thinking on your and my part. I hope that they will see all the outcry and revisit it in an attempt to find a fun way to do it. But they have not said anything yet to indicate that they will.
  14. every landing, every rendezvous is quick saved. I don't usually need to use them but I don't have the confidence not to have that layer of safety. I don't really like really long missions so I might do 2 biomes but I'm not going to be hopping all over the place collecting science... interplanetary encounters are easy. Much much easier than docking. I can go anywhere in the system no problem... getting back however is something I just haven't attempted yet. My ships are always over built. If it's worth doing it's worth over doing. So maybe I could get back if I tried... don't know. I can't do aerobraking. I'm fairly confident I can land anywhere... getting back up again is another matter.
  15. It's been stated several times I believe by the devs that the temperatures are just a stand in and have no meaning yet. They'll redo them at some later date.
  16. Mach always confuses me... The speed of sound changes depending on conditions... are the gauges taking into account pressure and temperature when they display the Mach value? or are they just calling the speed of sound at 1 atm at 70 F Mach 1 and then going from there? If so then you could actually break the sound barrier before reaching mach 1 because you're flying at an altitude where the pressure is less and thus the speed of sound is slower. Once you got out of the atmosphere then mach would have no meaning either...
  17. it's annoying I know but there is only a 2 step process to finding the past broadcasts. It'd be nice if they defaulted to the videos tab like every other video...
  18. depends. for a mission going out away from Kerbin to say the Mun or beyond then yes. for a mission going to a station then I either design it to not have debris or delete them when I forget to design it not to have debris.
  19. His characterization is just that but something approaching that meaning has been said in pieces in several locations. one is here: http://www.twitch.tv/ksptv/profile/pastBroadcasts look for the KerbalKon streams. Then there are the dev blogs located here on the forum. I'm pretty sure one of them mentions somethings about 4-5 months back when they announced resources wasn't coming in .19 and was being put on the back burner while they shifted to work on career. What followed was hope that with every update there might be a return to work on the resources... and then our hopes were crushed during kerbalKon. The leaving it to the modding community as far as I can tell has not been said anywhere and is just logical inference.
  20. I'm on the most up to date version. (.23) Though the picture is old. I didn't feel like taking a new one when I already had one hosted demonstrating the problem.
  21. That launch clamps aren't variable in length so they can only be attached to my lowest stage. here: if I tried to attached to the upper part of the rocket the clamps won't attach because they clip through the lower tanks.
  22. meh. 7 Mainsails, 14 orange tanks, battery, probe core, solar array, pusher plate to go up against the asteroid. Most of the parts would be in the pusher plate. Bet it could be done with less than 100 parts. Depending on how far you need to move it determines if you'd need to refuel.
  23. my system does though it does start to get a little lagy at 900. 1000 is a little close to slide show but not yet. But I reject the notion that anything more than 300 parts would be needed to move an asteroid 100m in size. Moving it quickly sure... but the slow deliberate motion that you would actually use to do such a thing does not need that many parts.
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