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  1. Just fired up 1.10 with the prerelease4 and latest OPM version, and at least in the tracking station i'm also seeing the 90 shadow being off on the gas giants (but not the rings around them), except for Jool (which has the shadow facing correctly). BTW, thank you all for reviving the one mod required to load the two mods (Kop + OPM) I was missing. edit - hemeac's comment makes me wonder about Eeloo ...
  2. Now i'm curious what Isp and thrust they have. Things look really nice so far.
  3. Just as an FYI for other folks, I added the config fix from @R-T-B, but didn't bother changing my video settings (win10 with a 1080gtx, as it might matter) and the planet no longer looks to be covered in snow when I start up the game. This means forcing d3d12/opengl may not be needed by everyone. edit: Of course, then I get into the game and have no water still, so I guess forcing the other display options are still needed.
  4. Just posted a new issue on GITHub for it only displaying one alarm (non-minimized) with a scrollbar no matter how many the settings say to display (currently set to 5, but it was at 15 when I started troubleshooting it again today). v3.10.0.0 on 1.6.1, but I saw the same behavior on 1.6.0 with this version.
  5. I have experienced this since 1.0.4, but only if I had the Kerbal EVA before launching the vessel. If the crew didn't get out (say, for some EVA reports while flying at Kerbin's Shores just before launch) then it would properly register. On that same note, the contract would complete for me if, on the second rocket flight, I did not do an EVA. I haven't tested whether it still happens in 1.0.5, however, as my habit became to lob Jeb ASAP, then have Val get the EVA reports from the launchpad prior to her flight in the second vessel. I'll check it after work tomorrow (need to sleep now ... darn day job) if nobody else has before hand.
  6. I love the idea of this mod, and as with the others I'm interested in using it with KCT. I'll be using it without KCT for now, but thought I would see if you had made any progress on getting the two to work together.
  7. I have been experiencing a CTD since installing Scatterer (0.151) that only appears to happen when recovering a vessel after a (sub)orbital flight. Everything appears fine, and my memory footprint is under the 32bit limit (~3.3G on a 16G system, though I'm running 32bit KSP), but when I click the "Recover Vessel" button above the altimeter the screen goes black as normal, thinks for a few seconds and then *bam*, I'm at the desktop. When reloading the game, everything is fine and I can recover the ship, but the next launch has the same problem. Going through the output_log, there are about a dozen null reference exceptions that appear to be part of trying to tear down the scene for transition to the space center view. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at scatterer.SkyNode.UpdateNode () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at scatterer.Manager.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at scatterer.Core.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 This has happened more than once, and with difference ship designs. I had two in a row this happened with, so I then removed Scatterer from game-data after the second crash. On the next mission (nearly identical suborbital flight over the Peninsula of Shame, using the same craft) the vessel was recovered without the CTD happening. I've done two more flights since without Scatterer or the problem. If you need more info please let me know and I can make the full crash report available. I have a number of mods installed (I've a list available) but my first step (removing Scatterer) seems to have removed the problem, so it looks to me like something with the scene transition isn't quite right.
  8. As far as I'm aware, the Remote Tech flight computer just points the vessel in the specified direction using whatever RCS/SAS options are available (if any). It is not an SAS itself, just a type of directional/orientation autopilot. My experience with using it is that when you come out of warp it immediately applies the appropriate torque to face in the specified direction in the same way the stock "auto" pilot holds orientation. I haven't tested how PR and RT work together currently, however, so I don't know (yet) how they interact. I hope to fix that this week, assuming I can get the time to play enough to get a comms network in place. And, to add to the rest of the folks -- Thank you again for keeping this mod alive. I'm happy to be one of the 10,000+ people to have downloaded it from KerbalStuff, as this mod's feature was the first one I looked for back in 0.18 (and didn't find back then, or at all until you took over the mod a few months ago).
  9. I'm curious as well, because I haven't seen any problems with my (admittedly limited) game in KSP 1.0.2 using 0.4.3.
  10. Yay! The mods I've been waiting on (RT2 and FAR) are both available now! Thank you RT team for your work on this! Assuming you added RT2 to an in-progress game, did you 'research' the new parts in already researched tech nodes? Other than an improper installation, its the only thing I can think of that might be causing it.
  11. It appears to in the Sandbox game I just created. I'm treating it as "works, but might still have problems" right now.
  12. Ferram, thank you again for such a wonderful mod. Make sure to take a break from listening to us mere users next week.
  13. I've noticed that the Mk16 parachute gets ripped off now at speeds and altitudes that it readily survived on 0.24. Is this a change to KSP itself, or a difference in how FAR (and/or Deadly Reentry) calculates the forces? As an example, my go-to chute setting was to have it deploy at 0.08 atmospheres and fully deploy at 350m. With 0.25 and the mods I have installed the chute gets ripped off even if I change the initial deployment to 0.25 atmospheres. I know the chutes are still working as I've done some other things that have slowed the capsule down enough to allow the chute to survive deployment, though I haven't nailed down what the critical speed threshold is yet. No complaints, I'm just trying to understand the new performance I'm seeing.
  14. Nathan, I'll just blame it all on a misunderstanding exacerbated by the phrasing I used. Regardless, I'm glad to see your usual rapid updating. DRE is one of my 'must have' mods now that I've gotten used to it.