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  1. Oh sorry. In that case does someone know a way to get some more cloud coverage of the planet? My planet looks great from the ground but once I get into space its pretty cloudless...
  2. Hey guys, I don't know if i should be asking the RO people or the TAC author about this. In CKAN it says Nathan Kell is responsible for the TAC realism overhaul config so I'll ask here. I have a stock 1 man pod in with realism overhaul and all its recommendations installed. When i launch it with no oxygen tanks (just the oxygen already in the pod) my Kerbal dies of "Oxygen Deprivation" after about 4 minutes. This is way off. From my calculations a person sealed in that pod would be able to survive for hours, probably 12-24 hours before dying of CO2 poisoning NOT oxygen deprivation. If CO2
  3. He hasn't updated in almost 4 months. Should we consider this mod dead?
  4. I think this is because of the limitations of the engine. This engine is woefully inadequate for what its being used for, and I think the devs realize that trying to squeeze any more realism out of it is futile. If you want total realism your only option is Outerra. Not only is it physics based unlike Orbiter, but it includes a proper aerodynamic simulation engine. The devs there regularly state they want to make everything as realistic as possible, case in point the painted lines on the road actually have a physical thickness of a few millimeters in that game and the undersea topography of
  5. Hey Rbray, I have just the normal latest version no extra stuff because I am using RSS and they don't seem to be compatible with it. But, I am not seeing any clouds. What I do see, is what looks like a thin fog in the sky that is traveling at tremendous speed. This fog is traveling east at around 400 meters a second. Is this how its supposed to be? I was expecting white fluffy clouds floating peacefully in the sky. Can I fix it somehow? thanks
  6. Does anyone know how to make this forced for all probes? I don't want to allow any external view of probe cores and everything must be done in the control room.
  7. Hi erendrake I first wanted to thank you for your quick replies. You are very responsible. I have a question. How can I find the pitch which can be set with lock steering to heading 90 by x. So... how can I "print x" so to speak?
  8. Really?? Im quite surprised at these responses. Its as if nobody has every tried this before.. The continuous burn to orbit is like the most common way in real life to launch satelites and rockets.. I was expecting someone to already have an equation at hand. All right I guess I will have to do some research.
  9. It starts at around 100km in a suborbital trajectory that is going in the general direction of the target orbit which will be circular with an apoapsis and periapsis of around 190km. And yes it is a low TWR engine that will burn continuously at 100% power with no throttling ability.
  10. There is still no command reference with all the commands. Can we please get a full command reference with all commands.
  11. No the engine is not throttleable and the engine cannot be turned on again. So once it turns off the rocket has to be in the target orbit. So the only thing that can change is the direction of thrusting(the gimbals of the engine)
  12. hey this is my first time posting in this area. I have an interesting problem. I need a step by step guide for how to reach a target orbit. The catch is, nothing can be changed except the direction of thrusting. I have the information for ownships mass, thrust, position, altitude, speed, and anything else needed. The body is earth. I have all the orbital elements for the target orbit. apogee perigee period inclination descending node and eccentricity What I need to know is, how can I calculate which direction to thrust in to reach the target orbit. Im planning to write the calcula
  13. hmm, well if I know the body will be the mun is there any way?
  14. Does anyone know how to detect an encounter when there are no maneuver nodes? I am burning in a certain direction without using maneuver nodes at all. And even though i can see on the map ive made an encounter with the moon. When i use print encounter. it returns none. It seems print encounter only returns the encounter when the encounter in in an maneuver node. So how can i detect when my flight path will encounter another planet or moon even if there are no maneuver nodes?
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