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  1. Wow, these are lovely! Minor bug within the VAB: control surfaces that are placed but not attached to anything (say floating in the air while you adjust some other part) become non-select-able. I am going to guess that attachment generates the collider, because this only happens if not first attached to something (dropped directly from inventory out into the VAB/SPH).
  2. Uhg, these tanks are so pretty. And the tank extrusion functionality is nothing short of amazing. I say uhg because my memory budget doesnt allow me to use them and I really want too. Fantastic work. I like the colors, they remind me of some Soyuz color schemes, so it works well for up to 1-6.4x scale that do not care about stock feels. That being said, it would be nice to have a stock alike texture replacement for installs that try to maintain stock feel -I know I have one.
  3. Fantastic start! From what I can tell the layer may not be getting cleared on scene exit, so if you exit the scene with the overlay toggled on and then come back it will draw a new layer over-top and lose control over the first. I have been able to repeat this a couple of times with the planet becoming more and more red each time . I suppose another possibility is that you might need to check to see if there is already a layer rendered on scene change.
  4. Very neat implementation - great work! Before release I definitely recommend making a texture and unwrap pass, as the install folder for this is 110mb -most of which is extremely large textures made necessary by the uniformly scaled UV maps. Those who use ATM or built in half-size texture quality settings will experience much sadness when they look at your otherwise very nice textures.
  5. Probably the best comment/review I have seen on this forum. Nice!
  6. Wow -very nice looking examples Nertea! How are you mapping the resources onto a sphere like that without severe polar pinching?
  7. I really enjoy the idea of a center aligned mounted drill "drop rig" (somewhat like your Hollow Asteroid claws), but I also think that it would be neat to have an equal mass radial part (radial converter, hydraulics unit, power supply, radiator, etc..) that could be used to equalize the CoM. Mongrel/Quasimodo style "builds" are just more interesting then perfect symmetry at all times. It would be nice to have both of course but I am also thinking -perhaps incorrectly- that a drill could be modeled in such a way so that the drill model could be reused with different mounts (radial and stack) an
  8. With a newer version of ModuleManager a simple config should allow you to do this. @PART[*]:FINAL { @cost *= 1.5 } This would increase the cost of all parts with a cost value by %50. Edit: Was curious if it would work and can confirm that it works.
  9. Thank you dtobi for posting these great parts so that we may play with them. I have been using these for a couple of days and love the little ease of use details like being able to hide shrouds in the editor etc. One bug/omission that I am currently experiencing is FAR related -the KM Generic shrouds do not appear to provide aerodynamic shielding despite showing (right click menu) that the internals are shielded in the VAB (still end up with drag values for the supposedly shielded parts).
  10. The MFT compatibility link on the first page is broken. Is this hosted elsewhere? Is this it? https://github.com/Swamp-Ig/ProceduralParts/blob/master/ModuleManager/ModularFuelTanks.cfg
  11. Corrected link http://www.kingtiger.co.uk/kingtiger/wordpress/eclss-rebalancer/
  12. I started playing around with creating similar stock-alike fuels a while back that almost mirrors what you have outlined here -I lost momentum when creating engine configs (was using your "old" RealEngines as a starting point). From a labeling perspective I suggest using "CryoOxidizer" instead of "LiquidOxygen" -the logic being that "Oxygen" is outside of the chosen labeling schemes specificity.
  13. Many of the KSPI parts where created by zzz, his parts and licence are available http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/43840-Hab-Hub-%28and-other-strange-things%29?p=561059#post561059
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