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  1. Proot added it in because it's not a default Chatterer sound. I have to say the audio in this mod is absolutely fantastic. Adds so much to the experience in my opinion.
  2. Do you have smokescreen.dll in your GameData folder? You may have to re-install that from the HotRockets package.
  3. Are you still seeing the layers of haze around planets after the hotfix? I am and I have the same gpu as you do.
  4. Damn these Kerbals must really like pudding... Anyways thanks for a great mod
  5. If you're into video tutorials, Scott Manley recently made some updated tutorials about career mode. Here's a link:
  6. That's a great idea. I'll use this when i build my Mun base.
  7. Most of the major craters have flat spots near their centres. You might be able to build a base there