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  1. I'm using this thing for the first time (with Python if it matters) and I'm trying to figure out this: is there a way to measure in-game time rather than real time for my scripts? Basically something similar to time.sleep except based on in-game time? What I'm trying to use so far is a custom sleep function using vessel.met, but would it work if the vessel is still on the launchpad and MET timer hasn't started? Edit: Well I got the time measurement to work as I want it with vessel.met, so it works under time acceleration, but I'm still wondering if it works for something that's on a launc
  2. The sweep alters the CoM, but it has this problem regardless of sweep (although it's worse in the low-sweep mode). Well, this isn't neither high mach speeds nor transsonic. This is a bit before transsonic, it's mostly fine when I'm already going above 300m/s. But just below that is where the problem occurs. My current hypothesis is that it's due to how easily the IR parts bend. When the control surface is supposed to push the wing down, it only pushes the rear part of the wing down while the front part of the wing stays where it is and as a result the wing produces more upwards lift, not less
  3. Hey y'all. Today I created my first successful variable-sweep plane. Now, it flies really well, being able to pull many Gs at any speed, but it has one major issue. At a dynamic pressure of about 37kPa the roll controls get reversed. Basically, I can see the ailerons moving like they're supposed to, but the result of that movement is the plane rolling the wrong way. I press E, the left aileron goes down, right aileron goes up... and the plane rolls left. Well, in the first version of this plane I fixed the issue by disabling said ailerons at that pressure using dynamic deflection and enabling
  4. Yeah, the wings in stock do create ridiculous amounts of lift for their size. It'd make sense if the Big-S created less lift while being a bit larger. All other wings should just produce less lift. I still wish the guys at Squad would do the right thing and talk to Ferram about the aero system. Anyways, I'll stop de-railing this thread now.
  5. Well, I'd try adding air brakes to the rudder. The real Shuttle had its barn doors open during re-entry. You can't do the split control surface thing that the real Shuttle did, but you can add the normal air brakes. And yes, Big-S is not big-s enough. If you look at pictures, you'll see that the real Shuttle had proportionately larger wings. However I recall Scott Manley saying in one of his videos that such big wings weren't actually necessary and there was some other reason for adding them so that might be somewhat irrelevant. Whü knuws...
  6. I started to muck around with the Salomé some more and it ended up breaking up mid-air as often as yours does, with no real improvements. So I decided to start work on a new design. So far everything seems to be awesome, except the AI can't keep its speed high enough, because it only has one engine. Also the AI can't take off without breaking the engine. Also, in the video you posted it clearly didn't fly well at a turn rate of 14, it maneuvered like an oil tanker. I'm really thinking that maybe it's a problem in my install that makes things break so easily. What are the Dynamic Deflection
  7. Well, this is odd, it flew very nicely on my machine. Also, it was never meant to go to 10000m, I've never seen a fight go up so high, therefore I did not give it enough intakes to deal with that. I'll see what I can do to fix those issues and then try again. Just to be sure, you do have the latest versions of the mods, right? I can't think of anything else that could explain what I saw in the video. This plane flew very differently on my computer. It mostly stayed at the speeds at which it was extremely maneuverable and it never climbed so high.
  8. Yeah, I do. But it seems to still snap after a few minutes of flying (if I'm lucky). Some other news, I've forgotten how to FAR. The current prototype seems to oscillate and pull some 7G at best. If Proc Parts, BD wheels and B9 Proc Wings were allowed, I could try to convert some of my RO designs to work here. However those are a massive advantage against a plane that wasn't designed with these. As it is I'm probably not going to take the throne today. EDIT: Scratch that, a modified stock design worked. Introducing LAF-1A Salomé. Armed with two AIM-9 missiles, a Vulcan and capability to pu
  9. A little update on my progress - it's hard to test my plane because yours falls apart by itself before mine can start fighting it.
  10. Hehe, I've been building these things for a while now. I think I'll drop that MiK soon, I'll see to that tomorrow. Also, I wonder when we'll see another one of these challenges with FAR and AJE. That would be an interesting sight.
  11. Since the allowed mods list includes AJE, could TweakScale also be made available? It's useful for keeping the intakes only as big as necessary, which is kinda useful on high-performance jet aircraft. If TweakScale is allowed, I'll definitely join. If not, I'll see what I can do without it.
  12. I'd come and join, but for some reason I can't connect. Firewall should let KSP.exe through so I don't know what's going on. This should be in OP, and should also say what those numbers mean in GMT. Something like "The server is offline approx. from 00:00 to 10:00 CST (05:00 to 15:00 GMT)."
  13. Well, I did exactly what you did, only on Laythe. It took me about 20 in-game hours to get to the shore. I had fallen asleep a short way through and when I woke up, the kerbal was swimming parallel to the closest shore, not where I pointed him. I doubt there was any unintended mouse movement so I believe it may have been somehow caused by the planet's rotation or something similar. It was in 0.19 I think. This is, to this day, one of my most memorable moments in KSP. Edit: Also, sorry for the necro. Noticed too late.
  14. I just realized that my Moon lander and command module engines all need some ullage thrusters. I didn't even know the latest version of RO included that. Luckily I discovered it in a test flight in LEO. I really hope it won't mean a complete redesign. It shouldn't need more than four 2kN thrusters in total. I hope.
  15. Will you make an AJE category, too? I cba to play non-RO, but I made a plane that was at least inspired by this challenge, even if it might not meet all of its requirements yet. While trying to find out its range I accidentally flew it from Cape Canaveral to Cape Verde. And I'm sure it could do the rest of the way to Africa with a better flight path.
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